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  1. We're a LONG way from that. I'm not sure the challenger type sets ups are hugely worse on customer service.
  2. There's something a bit creepy there really in some respects.
  3. There's loads of challenger type set ups offering banking. Have a look.
  4. The part where you mentioned the island being "awash with paedophiles". It isn't
  5. Plenty of places to bank outside retail banks if needed.
  6. Bumper compared to what? Won't be compared to last year I suspect.
  7. I'm not so sure about that. Airlines rely on high load factors to operate successfully. Cutting off a large.segment of your potential client base by demanding proof you've had a vaccine is a risky step.
  8. Well yes and no. The problem now for a bank is that there is no margin in that money. Whereas before they might have been able to make .75% they can make little or nothing now.. So, if they are not lending it out (where there is some margin) then huge amounts of liquidity at the moment are not earning a bank a great deal. You'll actually be able to see this once the 2020 financial statements of IOM Bank get posted next year. On top of that capital and liquidity ratios have changed so banks cannot lend out the way they used to. Think Northern Rock etc.
  9. It isn't really. Manx Care has nothing to do with paying or not paying for her services. It isn't an either / or situation.
  10. It can be lent out. Banks behaviourally analyse their Call monies. The average tenure of call money in a bank is usually longer than term deposits.
  11. It won't be gone in a decade. Zero chance.
  12. It seems a certain statement. They won't be going ahead. Thay suggests to me they do have the final say so. Which is logical. A victory for common sense. The rally is a great spectacle through Castletown. I've no doubt there will be a few miserable compliance type tossers going on about risk etc but well done the commissioners.
  13. She does a great impression of the opposite to be fair.
  14. Well they certainly don't need Atholl Street branch and Regent Street so it makes sense to close Regent Street
  15. The last few posts are just your dribble.
  16. Still? What would give you that impression?
  17. What safety? Who's been hurt? What problem is it solving?
  18. That doesn't seem like "a good number". It seems like a couple. (Which isn't uncommon as being ex Forces does happen day to day in many companies with a number of employees). The guy who died recently worked elsewhere full time didn't he? It's generally a good thing too employing ex forces people.
  19. I'm not sure we should form educational policy around the actions of a small segment of Millwall fans (who are at similar level to West Ham and Chelsea fans). At the same time it doesn't serve much purpose having this sort of thing compulsorily rammed down kids throats. Perhaps there's a place for it as a GCsE option.
  20. It's more a sign of how far the car is ahead of the rest and the generally average level of the grid these days in respect of drivers.
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