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  1. I was chatting to someone yesterday who lives in Ramsey and knows them. It's alarming if what he said is true.
  2. Those brothers involved sound like come over scum. Need drumming out of the island asap.
  3. 20 points is a bit harsh. Liverpool will be in relegation trouble then.
  4. They're great for short stays like a weekend on the piss.
  5. Lol. Banker? Of the dozen or so you could named too
  6. Some speed humps on that road would be useful.
  7. Who was it? Edit - hang fire folks. I know now. Panic over
  8. Quirkio? Stu Peters no longer does. Shame.
  9. Well I for one would. I love a bit of gossip. Who's involved and what happened?
  10. This. The reality is they don't have furlough etc. Many below the poverty line. Countries in Africa have been the same. Locking down simply isn't an option.
  11. Literally, what ARE you going on about? You're getting more ridiculous (which is quite some going in fairness to you).
  12. The 3 more days is pointless and won't be adhered to.
  13. That simply isn't true. Things were perfectly fine for about 12 months. There are two sides to this. To believe anything else seems agenda driven.
  14. Are you seriously suggesting only government made mistakes here?
  15. How is he arse licking? You really should get some help.
  16. Yeh. I'd imagine for those around retirement type ages.
  17. You accusing the MLP of "obsessing over something so trivial". Lol
  18. No issue for a year. Seemed to work fine.
  19. Anyone reading that has got to be thinking " yep, patronising twonk. 5 ft 4 probably too".
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