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  1. Find parking? There are no access or parking problems at either supermarket in Douglas. Plenty of spaces to park if you want to access the street too.
  2. There is absolutely evidence he has "lost it" because of lockdown. Jesus wept
  3. Fuel has been cheap to buy wholesale amounts of. If they are hedging (quite possible) then hedging fuel 18mmomths ago would be very cheap indeed.
  4. That's not been strictly true. Evidence of this is that only NOW have they created a platform that by default stops it. Hence why Facebook are shitting their pants.
  5. There are a lot though who are not engaging. I think government are working with Gef on some sort of awareness campaign.
  6. I'm not the one moaning about customers using a coffee shop.
  7. Oh shut up. The vaccination roll out is going really well. Stop being a Walter.
  8. Tough shit springs to mind. Sort yourself out.
  9. Whether a car is taxed is irrelevant to the insurance company I suspect.
  10. You really do come across as a bitter person. As I've said, take a walk from one end of the street to the other. You will not find that many vacant units. Businesses come and go. As for catering for people on a night out, not sure what the issue is. Far less alcohol establishments than there used to be.
  11. Easyjet won't be back until they can fill planes. They can fill planes from 1st July because people will be free to come and go as they please. So expct that to be the date they are back from.
  12. The test centre are busy prioritising local garages bringing vehicles in which is why the average private punter has to wait.
  13. I expect the "Internal overheads " you have your knickers in a twist about are not material to this cost. It's an external build done by private contractors and managed by private contractors on behalf of government. Whether the costs are "ridiculous " remains to be seen.
  14. Ypu should really stop banging on about Free or 3m. It's a completely different proposition.
  15. It's a very active port. Wouldn't surprise me if opportunities arose. Seems like the current approach is the better one (assuming one believes in Liverpool as a destination).
  16. I assume there may be some income opportunities to sublet the facility to other traffic potentially.
  17. Another? There aren't many to be fair. Have a walk along and count. It'll be replaced. Shame it's going.
  18. To drive real inflation you need people earning more money. That isn't happening. Rates are not drifting very far. 5 year swap on sterling is about .7%. That tells you all you need to know.
  19. Well it's 40 or 50m for 90 years then perhaps that isn't as bad as it first appears. And in 90 years it won't be a case of what PP decides.
  20. Wait, you think people only take leave when they can go on holiday?
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