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  1. ???? Taxing on emission has nothing to do with dealerships here or anywhere else. It was based on year of manufacture?
  2. That must be pre a certain year. I think they went to emissions for tax purposes from about 2012?
  3. I doubt it's just the Isle of Man track amd trace that dont have direct access to peoples card transactions.
  4. Absolutely rammed in a lot places in Douglas last night. Illustrating exactly why it would be impossible and pointless trying to log everyone who enters a premises. I'm not sure how that makes them a "bad business" either.
  5. Is Marks and Spencer a decent business? What about Tesco?
  6. True. But in fairness young people die of all sorts.of things every day. The truth is that hardly any young people at all have died of covid. Sure, we can all find an article about one but so what? What's the age of the youngest person on island to die because of Covid?
  7. I needed a new brake disc for my motorbike. When I found what I was looking for I asked about where it was manufactured. China was the eventual response. Got it it from EBC in the end who manufacture in the UK.
  8. That may well be a decision driven more by Santander and any large corporates who have taken tables at it. Feel sorry for the Palace.
  9. What's been cancelled? Government facilities are open. Villa etc.
  10. I'd expect them to be running at a higher capacity at 600 quid a week? Or are 22 of the rooms not suitable to house people?
  11. Exactly. Care for the elderly is such a difficult area.
  12. The big problem there is probably capital outlay for mandatory work. That sort of place isn't turning over much more than a million a year fully occupied. A lot of fixed costs and you could easily run into huge amounts of money to keep an old place compliant. You only have to look at the costs of building them to see potentially how expensive it can get. Constantly evolving rules and regulations. It just makes old homes almost unviable.
  13. People are not going to wear masks and or social distance in pubs and restaurants , end of. I was out last night. It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. I suspect the government announcement probably knocked a good 40% of the crowd on the head.
  14. China is supplying total crap shocker. I actively avoid China made products where I can.
  15. I suppose it is a possibility because the airport will be moving back towards a more functional and busy place. I assume Chester Street will be retained until everyone is vaccinated and then they work out how to do it annually.
  16. Your opinion about them being unenforceable is wrong.
  17. He doesn't need to. There will be lots of variants over the course of time. What do you expect to happen?
  18. Yes but if those people take PPE precautions then the risk is minimal. No reason for people not to be at work. This is the future.
  19. The people that really need vaccination have it. Twice. A shitload of people have at least one.
  20. If you had emailed them this offer and there is radio silence or ignorance etc then I agree with what you are saying. If twitter is essentially the first port of call (or the simultaneous port of call) then I disagree with that approach. Given that this has broken out today it wouldn't appear you've given them long at all to respond?
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