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  1. Heard they cant get enough staff to work there, one guy up there retired early and now he is back working part time through an agency and is on mega ££££££.
  2. Heard today lots of upper screens on the double deck buses getting smashed because the DoI have not been trimming the low lying branches on the road.
  3. There own machine sitting there doing nothing.
  4. J C K have had a machine out on hire for over two years at Stoney Mountain Quarry.
  5. One of Bus Vannin minibuses on the boat last night full of schoolkids.
  6. Both I O M quarries have excavators which have been on hire for over two years while there own excavators sit there dolng nothing.
  7. M U A could do with a clear out as well.
  8. There is a few at Ellerslie that need to go as well.
  9. Watching the live stream at the moment no problems.
  10. A few from the DoI need to go starting with Robinson.
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