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  1. My daughter purchased a car across taxed it in the UK with monthly payments with a IoM address got home after a couple of weeks then got a letter from the DVLA saying you can not tax a car in UK with an IoM address so she just had to cancel the standing order but the car was taxed for a couple weeks.
  2. I was in there Saturday night only about three tables not occupied.
  3. All Ramsey commissioners are concerned about are hedges that have grown out on to pavement, sending out letters that if the occupier doesn't cut them back they could be fined up to £1,000 while parts of Ramsey look like bomb site.
  4. I have a friend who has an Audi Q 8 he says it is cheaper to take it away to be serviced.
  5. I traded a car in a while ago they put over £4,000 on it and sold it. And as for there aftersales absolute shite.
  6. 40+ years ago the prisoners used to be taken to the Point of Ayre to pick litter.
  7. Heard they cant get enough staff to work there, one guy up there retired early and now he is back working part time through an agency and is on mega ££££££.
  8. Heard today lots of upper screens on the double deck buses getting smashed because the DoI have not been trimming the low lying branches on the road.
  9. There own machine sitting there doing nothing.
  10. J C K have had a machine out on hire for over two years at Stoney Mountain Quarry.
  11. One of Bus Vannin minibuses on the boat last night full of schoolkids.
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