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  1. Could be but where are they going to put the fire engines in the meantime a new fire station could be a couple of years before its built.
  2. Heard a rumour today that the new fire engines wont fit into the fire station.
  3. Help to pay for all the new Land Rover discoverys and Mitsubishi vehicles they have purchased lately.
  4. I do drive a pickup and it can legally carry 1.165 tonnes.
  5. They need to clamp down on some of the pickups going round the Island grossly overloaded.
  6. If the water main ever burst the material surrounding the pipe would turn to slop.
  7. Driver2020


    Couple big knobs up there drive Land Rover Discoverys the Mitsubishi L 200 is not good enough for them.
  8. It would cost a lot money to get rid of the likes of Jeff Robinson.
  9. I think it was done about a month ago by Colas.
  10. Must be something wrong with the road surface put down at Glen Helen road signs just been put out saying temporary road surface.
  11. He just bullies his way through life.
  12. They need to sort out some of the managers especially the guy in charge of the quarry section.
  13. My own personal experience.
  14. Been with wi-manx for many years brilliant customer service.
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