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  1. It was one of my biggest mistakes voting for Baker last time.
  2. Alf has achieved nothing after all the years he has been MHK.
  3. Just drove through Kirk Michael who ever designed that crossing should be sacked.
  4. I heard the lease was due for renewal and the owner of the building wanted to put the rent up about 25%.
  5. Driver2020


    The DoI is full of bosses who got promoted because they couldn't do there daytime job.
  6. I think you will find that the surface dressing stone is shipped in from Ireland.
  7. Something to do with the blocks they got from Ireland.
  8. The dredger they purchased was at Elderslie for nearly a year been worked on, must of cost thousands.
  9. The DoI purchased a dredger about 5 or 6 years ago spent an absolute fortune on it used it once I think then it disappeared probably in the hanger in jurby hidden out of site.
  10. Cheapness if they had to take the excavated material to a tip it would cost a fortune so all they do is crush it smaller and use it as subase.
  11. As I have said before the material they are using in the subase is sub standard and certainly wouldn't pass any compaction tests.
  12. The quarries section have in the past couple of years had a lot of money invested in new machinery, but the supervisor at the foxdale quarry says he can't cope with the amount of excavated material brought into the quarry from the prom so the wagons transport the excavated prom material to the quarry tip it then it is loaded onto another wagon and taken to the tip down south. Unbelievable.
  13. Its kept in a temperature controlled container.
  14. Spare turbine for the power station.
  15. There is also a brand new gas turbine stored in the hanger as well so I'm told.
  16. There will be more subsidence to come with the shite they are using as subase.
  17. Driver2020

    Next CM

    Alf has got to get back in. I Know a few people that have sent him e-mails and he hasn't bothered replying.
  18. I have seen a lot of recycled material made on island and the material made at Stoney mountain used to be very good, but all they seem to do now is transport the excavated material from the prom to foxdale crush it even smaller and send it back for the sub base so the shite they dig out goes back in even smaller. Why they didn't put a mobile crusher on the summerland site god knows it could of saved a fortune in haulage.
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