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  1. The money doesnt really matter tbh, we will all get by perfectly without him
  2. In hiding for now, but will come back out i reckon after the new year
  3. you have spelt her name wrong, its korrin. i only spoke to jessica because she was sending vile messages and threats to korrin. Last time i checked canada was the same as its always been
  4. My next post was going to be, thank god for small mercies, at least Jeremy Kyle is off AIR
  5. I was ok with everything those loonies were up to, until they attacked inoccent parties
  6. Well said Gladys, i as about to respond to Declan, but no longer feel the need , respect
  7. That sponge bob is who he is and Mother Theresa jessie james is who she is
  8. To be quite honest with you if i was bitter and twisted i would be posting all the proof i have on here and everywhere else, but i really dont want to do that and im not evil enough to completly destroy someone on a social media platform. Im hoping that the loonies wise up and STFU
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