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  1. Revert to the previous system of advertising all planning applications in the Courier. Should never have been stopped.
  2. Second reading means a great deal. They have accepted the principle. Welcome to the 21st century.
  3. So will the Manxman always have to take shelter off the West coast of the island every time there's an Easterly blow? She's been out there now for nearly 24 hours.
  4. It certainly is an eyesore and as the main gateway to the Isle of Man it is shameful. Particularly shameful is the fact that our MHKs don't see it or don't care. The place looks run down and grubby. Even a few pots of paint and some (maintained) planters would help - but that would cost hundreds, and we don't do hundreds - only millions.
  5. Back to the subject of the new flagship: How long is it going to be before the Manxman is allowed out after dark??
  6. Or we could soon have a mail service modelled on:
  7. I don't recall such a long span of 'working up' for the the Ben my Chree when it arrived as a new vessel. Issues with ballast yes, but no 'elephant in the room' issues about berthing in Douglas and Heysham.
  8. The fancy dress positions should have a maximum time limit e.g.two terms.
  9. Commissioners around the island need to wake up and start serving notices under s24 of the Building Control Act 1991
  10. Maybe it's time to import a pair of red squirrels and a couple of unrelated male wallabies just to freshen things up a bit.
  11. Whatever happened to school prefects? They used to be authorised to keep an eye on scrotes at lunchtimes in the town.
  12. and speaking of unbiased journalism, two of my favourite recent examples.
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