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  1. Another bit of work by a competent ten year old.
  2. Revert to the old system when the Governor was the presiding officer. It would give him / her something to do, and the role carries no political power. Creating a well paid President of Tynwald was a vanity project and an expensive one at that.
  3. Each family member/friend who is permitted to visit the Island should have a resident 'sponsor' who agrees to share responsibility for the visitor's adherence to quarantine regulations. They would also be held jointly responsible for any wilful breaches of protocol by the visitor. Sounds a bit harsh, but as an initial additional safeguard it might help as we inch our way forward.
  4. "actually does very little harm" Are you deaf, blind and stupid?
  5. I do hope Manx telecom are going to be offering some discounts/refunds for this dismal performance?
  6. Is this Covid related? Whether it is or not why does it take until 21st March to ask the public about an incident 19 days ago??
  7. All good and busy I expect? Full of idiots doing their best to catch or spread Covid.
  8. H&B closed all their pubs yesterday. How many other pubs/venues were still open yesterday evening? Any names?
  9. I thought the Ballacallin couldn't get to look any worse - but I was wrong. A sad end.
  10. we'll have to hope that this virus isn't the new high-speed variety. It's had all Christmas to circulate in packed bars, pubs & shops. The IOM may go from 7 cases to 700 in fast order. "Low risk to the public"?
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