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  1. Apologies, I stand corrected and I blame my failing memory. I was confusing them with the Egg Quarries.
  2. The Treacle Mines of Foxdale to reopen.
  3. Sometimes the Planning Committee's decisions should read: "Shit design. Go away and get yourselves a better architect"
  4. As usual the IOM has spent much time and money reinventing the wheel. Fixed penalty notices have been in existence in many parts of the wider world for a long time, with the issues of enforcement/payment dealt with. These recently released figures for the IOM are a disgrace. Can someone please get a grip on a Department which seem to forever wander down the road, hands in pockets, shrugging shoulders?
  5. McCallig

    Fog Horn

    I'm sure I heard it when I was stood outside the Baltic in Foxdale tonight. That's unusual ( the fog horn, not me outside the Baltic )
  6. You qualify for a mention in VIZ
  7. Buy a (second hand) fishing rod.
  8. Why haven't all island retailers withdrawn these from sale?
  9. A one-boat local fisherman has been fined £10k for a handful of very slightly undersize lobsters. Some less than 2mm short of the required size. Extraordinarily heavy handed dealing by DEFA and the court. I haven't heard of the Manx fisheries vessel doing anything useful outside of office hours, or taking on some of the big players who play fast and loose with rules and regulations. The fine levied in this case is out of all proportion to the offence.
  10. McCallig


    Petrolheads on water. As welcome as wasps at a picnic.
  11. SMS received at 2.02 this morning. By the time most passengers will have read it, all alternatives will have gone.
  12. Can't they even find someone who can spell "Cancelled"? They should - they use the word frequently
  13. It's high time measures were taken to control the rash of camper vans on the island. For years the island restricted/banned towed caravans , but then along came motorised caravans called campers and the genie was out of the bottle.
  14. McCallig

    Firm closing

    Are there any Ukrainian bakers who could be assisted to start a new life here?
  15. You may not have rights over the life of others, but you surely have rights over your own. Having watched a sibling die a death much more prolonged than she had sought, I have to question hospice policy of 'waiting for nature to take its course'. Treating an animal the same way would be termed cruelty. Assisted dying is a legal minefield, but one which could and should be navigated. Without delay.
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