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  1. Police close roads not the DOI
  2. Seems Newlands is still on 3 day week for vaccinations
  3. It would be interesting to have a breakdown of the 2000 front line workers who have had the vaccine
  4. Absolutely no sign of urgency from Ashford or Dr Ewart on vaccinations. They need a to show more !
  5. England has recruited 80000 volunteers to give jabs
  6. The problem is we are not being told how and when the stock pile will be used
  7. Totally agree with happy diner. we are now fighting a war against this virus. Can you imagine soldiers saying “ sorry general we can’t fight today, the paper work has not arrived and by the way we only fight on three days a week “
  8. England aims to have all over 70s by mid February, a challenging target . Why cannot we have such a challenging target? Our targets are pathetic
  9. Suggest when Astra Zeneca vaccines arrive they should be used in GPs surgeries. Standard practice elsewhere and would speed up delivery.
  10. I cannot understand the governments insistence that the second dose must be given at three weeks. The top uk scientists And doctors together with the chief medical officers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all agreed that the second dose can be given within twelve weeks thus allowing protection much quicker for many more people. I fear that it the island persists we will rabidly fall behind the UK in pro rata numbers of people being protected.
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