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  1. So, if the exit framework shows the border level moving to Level 1, meaning no isolation and no testing, when the UK has an equivalent infection rate to the Isle of Man then by getting a few more infections here does it mean we could be opening the borders unrestricted much sooner? At the moment I think the IOM is at about 10 in 100,000 but if a few more are infected here or if the UK drops to this level then we should be all open 🤔. I'm sure that's not what was meant in the framework though...
  2. I guess this could all be put into 3 separate posts but I'm a bit lazy so I'll just put it all into 1. 1. From reading the exit framework and listening to DA it sounds like all adults will have had their first dose of the vaccination by the end of May but actually it says they will be 'offered' a first dose by the end of May, meaning they will send the letters out by the end of May from what I can deduce and therefore actual jabs will come sometime after this. I'm totally happy to concede I'm wrong on this if someone can point me to something more conclusive but this play on given a jab v
  3. This would suggest they will be ahead of the UK by the end of May, can that be true?
  4. Is the plan for all adults (those that want it) to be given the first dose by end of May or is that just when they will offer it by? Trying to understand how this actually fits in with the plan to open up by September. Surely if all adults have had a first dose by the end of May then the 2nd dose could only be as late as mid August but all adults may have a reasonable amount of protection towards the end of June when the first dose starts offering some protection.
  5. DA mentioned that all adults to get a first dose of the vaccine by the end of May, in line with the UK - unless I misheard this. The only thing I can find shows the UK's timeline as being all adults offered a first dose of the vaccine by the end of July Am I missing something?
  6. This is actually pretty good, assuming I'm using it correctly. It shows that between Tomorrow and Sunday there are 2,599 vaccinations booked. That's approx 520 a day ...could be reading it completely wrong though.
  7. Thanks, good info. Even if we had all of the doses up front I don't have the confidence we could all that quickly. My simple mind thinks it should be pretty easy with such a small population but maybe not
  8. Why can't the IOM Government just buy their own vaccine instead of it being handed out to us when the UK feel we deserve it? The excuse we're getting is that we get what we're given, although even what we're given isn't really used that quickly. Don't get me wrong 3 days work and 4 days off is great but not if you're delivering a life saving vaccine. We're self-governing(ish) so I don't see why we can't buy 150k doses at £3 each. I would have thought a population our size could be vaccinated, with a bit of effort, in a couple of months for those that want it. Genuine comme
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