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  1. Beer Boy

    TT 2021 ??

    Ok. Let’s say £20 per marshal? And lower it to 500 marshals. Say 12 ‘sessions’ practice and race week that’s £120k. For £20 each. Now let’s say we pay their boat fares and give island resident some sort of allowance similar. And let’s say that’s a conservative £500. That’s £3m. Where the fook do you think that money comes from? Us tax payers. Alternatively we allow for the marshals to maintain as volunteers at no cost. I think I’d maintain the status quo.
  2. Beer Boy

    TT 2021 ??

    There aren’t nearly enough. 80% of the 520 marshals needed for each race come from the U.K. I heard last year, we don’t have that many coppers. Also the medical support we rely on will be the key factor - medics that volunteer will still be required in the U.K. I suspect.
  3. Hear hear. I do see much more challenge at present in HOK and Tynwald but some of it is clear electioneering and some questions are stupid.
  4. Beer Boy

    TT 2021 ??

    Nothing official but I’d be very surprised if it goes ahead. Decision in March I believe.
  5. I think I’d like some of the MHKs to be Manx but I don’t consider it a requirement. What I do consider a requirement for a Manx candidate( or any other)is that they have been off Island and working in a professional field and/or gained life experience in a big corporate, public service (teacher, nurse, military) - both would be ideal . I want broad experience leading to good judgement from my MHK.
  6. T-A-Hanson and Clare Christian seem to be fighting hard to get this progressed.
  7. Exactly her point and why they need to be educated.
  8. It’s a good question. There’s too many people making up stats. It would be responsible to state where the figures come from.
  9. No that’s the point. Class 2 NI is the requirement for support - therefore those not paying won’t get the support. However there’s nothing illegal in paying minimum NI and taking dividends but you will lose out on pension etc AND you won’t be eligible for government support in lockdown. One of then issues this MHK has raised is that people who settle their tax at the end of the year (legitimately) aren’t getting support but are doing nothing wrong - hence better education required.
  10. Pretty sure Josum said he wouldn’t rule out running, nor rule out running in Douglas South. But after the election he said he would run elsewhere. It’s going to be tough to unseat Christian and Quine I think. But he’s a good guy and would be a good asset in government.
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