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  1. Yes, never forget that if you live in a house you can NEVER COMPLAIN about other houses being built on green fields 🙄
  2. I have emailed my mhks to state my strong opposition to Cannon being the next CM. Right wing public school prat. My first choice is Daphne Caine 2nd choice JPW If not either of the above then Dr A
  3. Is it a take on gammon? The caption is referring to Peters. The female MHKs were asked by the media to.pose for this photo. BBC did a story on the amount of successful women candidates.
  4. Did you get a screenshot @Amadeus? The profile is private now! 😆
  5. Why pongo? Manifestos are a very useful way of putting your points across. I think the candidates are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Too much door knocking, too little,not enough posters or leaflets, too many leaflets and posters, no manifesto received, too many manifestos received!
  6. Isnt Peters English? So which bits of multiculturalism does he object to? All the bits that involve anyone other than the English? I have quite a few relatives who have moved around the world. I find objectors to multiculturalism quite often don't consider their own ilk moving away. Do you believe we should all stick to the country of our birth then?
  7. How about a different example. The new green loan due in October will allow me to get loft insulation - my loft is currently not insulated. I will use a local guy, with recycled insulation. He will make money from it, I will save money on heating. The re-used plastic will be saved from disposal for the foreseeable and my emissions reduced significantly by my more efficient home. Do you "get the picture"?
  8. What, you mean like what if we improve our homes' efficiency, convert to greener power, reduce emissions, start buying local, reduce waste, recycle everything and generally become a cleaner, greener and better place all for nothing?
  9. 100% true to form Ramseyboi.
  10. That's funny, because I have 5 mutual friends with him. You must be friends with David Cretney on FB as Gary's profile only shows mutual friends.
  11. Wow, what a nasty little person you sound.
  12. Not much in the way of genuine debate here. People do need to think more about what they're buying as thoughtless over-consuming and subsequent excess waste is a problem for all of us. Why should my household pay a similar rate to you if you have 4 times more waste than my household with your thoughtless buying habits, whilst my household does it's best to limit waste? We can't go down the route of charging for waste disposal, as it inevitably results in fly tipping. So we need to encourage people to reduce, reuse, recycle etc. Sorry if you don't like that 🤷‍♀️
  13. Those people who fill their bin in days need to have a good look at what they're buying. I have around 30litres of waste every week, so often only put the bin out every fortnight. But I consciously don't buy anything with unnecessary packaging. (I have a three strong household, but close family who eat/stay over 2-3 times a week) I am 100% in support of anything that forces people to consider what they're buying and then putting in the bin.
  14. Oh, well if you're sure....🙄 Rubbish is collected by wagon as well, so it makes no difference from an emissions perspective that some waste is collected as recycling. Idk anyone who doesn't recycle in a similar way I do. Most neighbourhoods have recycling bins within a short walk or drive. Most people are aware that making a special trip just to recycle would be ironic at best and near defeat the purpose at worst. You are just too lazy to recycle so trying to justify your own behaviour with 'facts' pulled out of your a-hole.
  15. You say that as if it's what people actually do. I go the recycling bins every 2 or 3 weeks when I have a stack of it. I live a 2 minute drive from the bins and take the recycling on my way to work or shops etc Sometimes I walk with a smaller bag of it, if I am passing Where's my commercial?
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