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  1. Spoken to? Not charged with arson or anything then?
  2. Christian has admitted to ordering the press release then disassociated himself from the contents. And is now asking Councillor Watson to apologise for suggesting it might have come from the leader or the chief exec. But if Christian ordered it, it did come from him? The man has been the leader for too long and seems to believe he's untouchable imo
  3. Good. Data protection only applies to people who are still alive btw. So there are no issues with releasing information about the deceased.
  4. Not true. The world health organisation have declared "vaccine hesitancy" one of the ten biggest threats to global human health. There are so many idiots who know better than doctors, scientists and health experts that vaccine hesitancy is actually threatening to undo the progress made in tackling many preventable diseases.
  5. Me too, I walk every day and go to the grocery shop on my way, I don't have a car so I've always done this. Apart from my daily walk I've not been anywhere (WFH). Anyone know if there's a briefing today? Govt website helpfully says the next one is yesterday's.
  6. If his name has changed it would be unlikely to have been that he's been given a new identity. More that he has changed his own name, which anyone can do.
  7. Maybe. But googling either Peter Newberry or Kevin Lindon finds several references to both. Thomas Corlett finds nothing.
  8. I think he has removed all Google results as well, there is nothing about the case to be found anywhere online. Suspect that means he's been released.
  9. The Laxey swim is going to divide opinion. I am one of those who has never agreed with criminal enforcement for lockdown breaches so I'm firmly on the side of The Laxey One. The lockdown should be guidance only, not law and not criminal.
  10. You might not have noticed, but many, many businesses have been completely shut down. All Big H has to do is legislate that office sectors also have to completely shut all premises (possibly unless they are an essential service like a bank).
  11. Not taxed my car for 7 months as dont use it with working from home now. Wonder how many others are the same? I will probably sell it soon (I am in a two car household too).
  12. It's not the entire finance sector, just those deemed essential (eg banks). Having a working bank sector is pretty essential for most people as they can pay/receive wages, buy shopping, order shit from amazon, the usual. Having said that, many can and are working from home so their children should not be in Hub school. Their employers will need to be lenient with them though!
  13. 2020? We spent most of that free and able to live normal lives.
  14. By all accounts, it's going mental around everywhere. Several of my friends/colleagues know people now diagnosed positive or are isolating. I'm hearing over 200 households now isolating. Wtf. Is this down to not locking down properly last week? Not blaming govt, as they are living and learning. Quite understandably, they didn't want to lockdown unless absolutely necessary. Totally agree with charging people for missed vacs, drs or dentists appts btw.
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