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  1. Never had an issue myself, just observations based on friends experiences and through my work. I obviously made a big mistake thinking either of you might be able to indulge in a discussion without resorting to insults or laughing emojis, so more fool me.
  2. It's not a gamble, simply because we can produce electricity from renewables.
  3. Yes I can. I work and earn a good wage. Sorry about that. I don't agree, no. Nor do I care what motivates your children. I am fully supportive of replacing gas with solar in social housing whether it affects your children's incentive to work or not, funnily enough. But there are plans in the pipeline to help everybody with investing in renewables. We will be moving away from oil and gas to renewables whether any of you like it or not I'm afraid
  4. Your second paragraph says everything anyone needs to know about you.
  5. You stick with your boiler then and I'll stick with my free energy from solar 😂
  6. What's that supposed to mean? Why ask the question then ignore the answer. I have friends with solar powered homes, do you? I also have quotes for replacing my boiler with solar and will be doing so next year. Ps Daphne talks a lot of sense and I fully support her. You're taking crap on the other hand.
  7. I completely disagree. In my opinion, in most cases, fathers see as much or as little of their children as they want and the mother has to just suck it up. Courts are biased towards men in most cases. Courts will award 50/50 custody if the man wants, or just one or two days if he prefers. Courts will find on the man's side in the most bizarre of cases. There is no way a mother can get financial support for her child if the father cba paying, unless she has a fortune to waste on fancy lawyers. I am sure there are some mothers who are dicks, but most want the best for their kids and will allow even the most dickhead of fathers to see their children whenever they want, even if they refuse to pay anything towards their upkeep!
  8. You can run an entire house from solar panels, yes even in the winter.
  9. They only need a few hours. 4 maximum. They work on cloudy days too.
  10. Finlo, not sure how you have not noticed, but the sun is still in the sky during the winter. Solar still provides energy in the winter for this reason.
  11. Yes they are faulty. DBC decided to buy crap lights that break every time the wind blows. The obvious choice for Costa del Douglas. Now waiting for 256 new parts and hoping the weather doesn't happen again!
  12. Grandparents don't have any right to see children. Never have, never will. It's a shame the way you two are blaming mothers. So many men run out on their children, don't support them, see them whenever they can be bothered. I suspect any woman who won't let someone see her child has a very good reason for that.
  13. The court system is a joke, designed to make money for lawyers and that's about it. It is highly biased towards those who can afford to hire lawyers and we are in the terrible situation where many single parents are receiving no support from their ex and are unable to afford to do anything about it. Needs a total overhaul and all legislation needs rewriting in plain English.
  14. I wouldn't believe everything some random on a forum says. The statistics on island recycling are readily available should you choose to look.
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