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  1. 100%. Can't understand the madness of not putting the trams on the sea side. It would be so much nicer on the trams with just the view over the beach and walkway, instead of being stuck in traffic. And the section where the trams actually cross over the traffic at Broadway, horse first? The whole design is so wrong.
  2. It's a shame. A little bit more Manxness lost to Englishness.
  3. 🤣 that doesn't say anywhere that burning branches in your garden is illegal 🤣 Because it isn't.
  4. They are storage heaters so they draw electric during the night when it is cheaper and are very efficient to run.
  5. Yes I know a few people who have removed their central heating and just use electric radiators or heaters. Much cheaper and ecologically beneficial.
  6. None of that stops anyone from installing one though, does it?
  7. Cyclists are always falling foul of the tram lines, so signage makes sense doesn't it?
  8. The vaccine works very well and stops people from suffering really badly and maybe dying. It doesn't stop people being infected though.
  9. It is rife at the moment. I know several people who have it for the first time. Some have suffered badly, having to take a full week off work, some not too bad, just a couple of bad cold type days. Others I know are now on their third infection in 12 months. I also think they should offer a booster to anyone who wants one really.
  10. An electric combi boiler will heat your home and water. Combine with solar panels for the win. The EU are making all property owners renovate their buildings to at least Class F, so I expect we will do that too at some point. Probably 40 or 50 years after the EU does 🙄 I agree with Clare too, it beggars belief that new builds are not including alternatives at this late stage.
  11. Pretty much every country in the world produces a good chunk of their power from renewables. Except the Isle of Man. Which hasn't bothered at all. People moan about China but they are heavily investing in clean energy and produce about 40% of their electricity from renewables.
  12. Good on the lot of them. Frankly glad someone has the guts to make a stand, I'm all for every bit of law breaking they can come up with. It's all about publicity and getting people talking. They have succeeded in those aims today.👌
  13. So unvaccinated can enter with a negative test? It seems like that's the easiest way then, whether vaccinated or not!
  14. Do you have to be vaxxed to enter spain if over 12 then? I have unvaxxed friends who went recently so presume not. Going myself soon and wasn't aware I needed online proof of vaccination status
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