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  1. Did you get a screenshot @Amadeus? The profile is private now! 😆
  2. Why pongo? Manifestos are a very useful way of putting your points across. I think the candidates are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Too much door knocking, too little,not enough posters or leaflets, too many leaflets and posters, no manifesto received, too many manifestos received!
  3. Isnt Peters English? So which bits of multiculturalism does he object to? All the bits that involve anyone other than the English? I have quite a few relatives who have moved around the world. I find objectors to multiculturalism quite often don't consider their own ilk moving away. Do you believe we should all stick to the country of our birth then?
  4. How about a different example. The new green loan due in October will allow me to get loft insulation - my loft is currently not insulated. I will use a local guy, with recycled insulation. He will make money from it, I will save money on heating. The re-used plastic will be saved from disposal for the foreseeable and my emissions reduced significantly by my more efficient home. Do you "get the picture"?
  5. What, you mean like what if we improve our homes' efficiency, convert to greener power, reduce emissions, start buying local, reduce waste, recycle everything and generally become a cleaner, greener and better place all for nothing?
  6. 100% true to form Ramseyboi.
  7. That's funny, because I have 5 mutual friends with him. You must be friends with David Cretney on FB as Gary's profile only shows mutual friends.
  8. Wow, what a nasty little person you sound.
  9. Not much in the way of genuine debate here. People do need to think more about what they're buying as thoughtless over-consuming and subsequent excess waste is a problem for all of us. Why should my household pay a similar rate to you if you have 4 times more waste than my household with your thoughtless buying habits, whilst my household does it's best to limit waste? We can't go down the route of charging for waste disposal, as it inevitably results in fly tipping. So we need to encourage people to reduce, reuse, recycle etc. Sorry if you don't like that 🤷‍♀️
  10. Those people who fill their bin in days need to have a good look at what they're buying. I have around 30litres of waste every week, so often only put the bin out every fortnight. But I consciously don't buy anything with unnecessary packaging. (I have a three strong household, but close family who eat/stay over 2-3 times a week) I am 100% in support of anything that forces people to consider what they're buying and then putting in the bin.
  11. Oh, well if you're sure....🙄 Rubbish is collected by wagon as well, so it makes no difference from an emissions perspective that some waste is collected as recycling. Idk anyone who doesn't recycle in a similar way I do. Most neighbourhoods have recycling bins within a short walk or drive. Most people are aware that making a special trip just to recycle would be ironic at best and near defeat the purpose at worst. You are just too lazy to recycle so trying to justify your own behaviour with 'facts' pulled out of your a-hole.
  12. You say that as if it's what people actually do. I go the recycling bins every 2 or 3 weeks when I have a stack of it. I live a 2 minute drive from the bins and take the recycling on my way to work or shops etc Sometimes I walk with a smaller bag of it, if I am passing Where's my commercial?
  13. Can someone start a spoof on the penis and breast enlarging side effects? Might get a few more of them vaccinated then
  14. My reading is that LFTs are very reliable when they show a positive result, but not so much when showing a negative. Personally I would rather do the isolation than go for a pcr! It would seem to make more sense to ask people to isolate and only go for a pcr if they wish to do so. Rather than telling people to go for pcr, if they get a positive lft result.
  15. No Gladys, it's not been announced. But I have 6 positive close contacts and no-one has been contact traced since friday 16 july. Of the 4 friends who tested positive shortly after that date, none have been even contacted to ask about their potential close contacts.
  16. Not sure I understand the logic in asking people who have tested positive from an LFT at home, being asked to go get a PCR test after that. Contact tracing has been done away with, why not ask everyone who tests positive on LFT to isolate? What is the point of another test, exposing the staff to the virus etc?
  17. Raffles

    Isle of Pride

    The bar was poor earlier in the day, but by teatime they had enough staff on that there was a 2 minute wait, if that. More of a concern was the use of single use plastic glasses. A shame that a progressive festival like Pride didn't have reusable glasses. Bushys. Poor show. A brilliant day out though, great acts, well attended, happy and glorious weather!
  18. Raffles

    Isle of Pride

    There are lots of ace bands on, looking like a top day out 👍
  19. Are you the only JW in the book? Keiran, I think you come across very well on here. It's a shame some are saying "TL:DR" as in the main your responses have been intelligently written and well thought out. as others have said, don't spend too much effort on here though, there are better mediums with more middle voters.
  20. Mamx.net mail comes with a MT telephone line. You need one to get manx.net mail, ergo it's part of the package you pay for. On the bright side, ok again today and (looks like) all missing emails from last few days delivered 👍
  21. Not had a new email since Thursday. I'm trying to recover another account but the forgot password emails aren't getting through. I also have active job applications I'm waiting for responses on. Cannot get through to MT Helpdesk and their webmail maintenance disruption message says until tues 2nd june. As today is tues 1st June, not exactly confidence inspiring! I've sent myself 6 emails since thurs and none have been received. As a paying customer its disappointing.
  22. What are you blithering about? Have you even got a point? It's a few rocks making a three legs of man. It actually looks amazing. I'm glad the tower of refuge was built years ago. Imagine the fuss people like you would make now! 😁
  23. I think it should stay. Saying "oh, is it ok to put a big cocknballs on a hillside then" is just stupid. It's a manx 3 legs fgs. Good on you Bryan.
  24. I don't think Sam Hamer has declared for Douglas Central. He is standing for the local elections for Douglas council, not the general.
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