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  1. If my understanding is correct, it would also 100% confirm that Person A did catch it from Person B and so could prove the transmission chain. At the moment whilst there's a high level of certainty that for example the 2 cases in Java are linked, there is still a chance that they aren't. Much prefer it when there's certainty.
  2. Out of interest, how can they be certain which is the index case? Does this mean we have the genomics back from Liverpool to tell us this?
  3. Anyone know if the 7 day average based on New cases or active cases? Doesn't appear to be a number they record on the website either way...
  4. Exactly this. Once you have worked out and closed all the possible paths and those people are in isolation, there's no need for the rest of the IoM to also be in lockdown. It's still unclear as to whether we actually had any unexplained community cases as the genomics back from Liverpool apparently solved 3 of them, but nothing has been said about the other 2. The full Island lockdown should only be used as a short measure in the case of unexplained community cases whilst track and trace with the help of genomics, work out the chains of transmission and close them down. The last week has been
  5. If all the members of the household isolate and are all subject to testing then it's fine. But I guess that's not what is happening?
  6. I don't follow you. To clarify, last week, at the press conference when they announced that we'd be out of lockdown on Mon 1st Feb, I had hoped one of the journalists would have asked why it was no longer based on the 14 day rule and was being extended.
  7. It's the question that should have been asked last week.
  8. I wish they would but I doubt it. I'm surprised none of the journalists picked up on this and asked why it changed. It seemed very clear that this was the benchmark and so lockdown has been extended for no good reason that I can see. We also don't actually know how long it's been since the last "community transmission" since they've now linked 3 of them back to the source after the genomics from Liverpool. So we may actually already be 14 or 15 days free...
  9. Completely agree. You only have to look at the news today of the I think 150 people at a wedding in the UK to see that it fundamentally is down to how the public behave.
  10. Do we actually know this? To me, it would also depend on what testing took place. If we tested them on day 2 and then again on day 14, then there may well have been mild cases that would be missed. If we tested all of the people at truth on days 2/3, 7/8 and 13 and all those tests were negative, then yes I'll believe that no-one at Truth caught it. In which case, I'd be interested to know why it was classed as high risk.
  11. I did see on Twitter that Dr Glover was asking about where the info from the Liverpool lab was, so hoped that she might be able to get the info, prove that all the cases were linked and not unexplained and then hold a press conference showing that if the IOM Govt had used her to do the work, they'd have saved the vast amounts of money this lockdown had cost...
  12. I may have imagined it, but wasn't the plan to have 2 weeks after the last unexplained case? If they suddenly now due to the use of genomics change them all to explained, have we been in a lockdown for no reason?
  13. My take is that if we knew all along that these cases were linked and not "unexplained",we could potentially have had a shorter circuit break?
  14. I was only half listening so didn't quite catch what she said. Have they actually done the work to link the unexplained cases?
  15. Agreed, I'm using the government policy on "explained" and "unexplained" community cases which is obviously what's going to get us out of this lockdown. (Although I note that I used known and unknown in my post rather than explained and unexplained 🤦) Just trying to see if these are practical example of how genomics could be used to help track and trace and either stop lockdown being extended when it doesn't need to be by helping to find the link to move a case from unexplained to explained, or on the other hand extend lockdown if it actually needed to be by disproving a link when otherwi
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