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  1. We are effectively being asked to risk assess and act accordingly. I'm very happy to do this but I do require information on which I can base my assessment. Biggest problem is that we don't really have enough information to do this as, firstly, we don't test enough and secondly, the government hardly reveal anything about the active cases due to their fear over GDPR. The number of cases is about the only information we have on which to base these decisions. Ultimately, if there are only a handful of cases, I'll act differently to if there are a couple of hundred cases.
  2. You seem to forget that the Government agreed a 'robust and speedy system of genomic testing is vital in the fight against' Covid-19. Not sure they have ever agreed the same about tarot card reading...
  3. What was the cause of the 2nd lockdown? I thought it was to do with 2 travellers to the IoM potentially passing covid between them in between the day 1 and day 13 Tests, which wouldn't have been able to go unnoticed if they'd have had day 8 tests. However I could well be wrong!
  4. Agreed, the January lockdown could easily have been prevented if the government had actually brought in the 3 test strategy earlier as many including Dr Glover were asking for. I believe it could actually have been prevented if when they brought the rule in, they had applied it immediately rather than saying it was only for those arriving after a specific date in the future For this lockdown, Dr Glover was very clear on twitter saying that at the start of the outbreak, since it was the new strain, we should be testing school children and be more cautious since it was a more transmissible
  5. I think he did when he went off script to try to clarify things! Should have just left it at the statement.
  6. I enjoyed the "we've been working very hard behind the scenes on this for a few weeks". I mean how hard do you have to work to copy Guernsey's? 😉
  7. I really hope so @Gladys. To me, one of the big issues going forward is going to be different strains that the current vaccines may not work as well for. Having agreed that Hooper phrase about "robust and speedy system of genomic testing", if we don't get something on Island and therefore know about new strains within a day or so rather than a week or 2 so that advice can be given accordingly, we'll be shooting ourselves in the foot *again* Maybe @Julie Edge (Onchan)could ask whether any progress is being made on this? PS. I'm ignoring all the other help that genomics could prov
  8. The whole "there's no evidence of blood clots with the 2nd dose" I would have thought that the vast majority of AZ jabs were first doses at the moment? So whilst it's likely to be a true statement, would suggest it's slightly misleading....
  9. Now you are just making up stuff and telling me it's scientific - next you'll be telling me we could use that gernomix thing. No scientific proof whatsoever... 😉
  10. Ah that pesky unexplained case - I get the impression they believe it is linked but just can't prove it. If only there was a scientific way of doing it. Anyone know of one?
  11. https://www.facebook.com/134415609919708/posts/4441190365908856/ In the comments, can't see a way to link directly
  12. But when you think it is 2pm and turn up to your appointment, it is actually 4pm so you have turned up 2 hours late...
  13. That's how I took it too. If only there was "a robust and speedy system of genomic testing" that could give us the answer.
  14. I agree. I was only giving an example of what they *could* say. Im definitely not a fan of first dose buffers. The quicker my first dose gets in my arm the better and if I knew it was on the island but they were delaying it so they had a "buffer", I'd be rather annoyed! It's not helping me keeping it in storage!
  15. Wouldn't it have been nice if DA or anyone really could just have been really clear about the stock in hand. Eg something like, According to the dashboard we have 12,500 vaccines in stock, obviously that was the figure from Monday and since then, we've delivered 2,500 and received a further 1,000 so the current stock is 11,000. Of those, 6000 are booked to be given out in the next 5 days as first doses. We need to keep 3000 vaccines to provide 2nd doses of pfizer next week in case of any delay to the delivery schedule. That leaves us 2,000 doses which gives us a 2 day buffer. We expect anothe
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