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  1. Allison and Hooper who voted for Allison? ie supported a different vision to Alf.
  2. I haven’t personally seen anything to suggest she was pro Cannan, other than voting for him as CM. I really thought she would have been behind someone not in the last CoMan. ETA: now seen Ham n Eggs informed response.
  3. Or by including Hooper and Edge, silence two of the most vocal critics of the last Government.
  4. He might mean that he answered a question on FB and Manx Radio have done a story around that?
  5. Quite. We have all felt at times that others have been promoted when it should have been us. But you just have to remain quiet and professional, no matter how angry you are inside, continue doing good work and your own turn will come.
  6. Most of the PAC members were too partial by declaring their hands all over social media or radio before the hearing started. Any final report from PAC will be tarnised by shades of revenge and subjectivity., Edge, Hooper and the ex Sefton fellow should have stood down once they went public. For that reason a public enquiry would be valuable with specific terms of reference to answer, for example, the points Gladys mentions.
  7. Mrs Poole-Wilson will also deputise for the Chief Minister should he be unavailable. Daphne Cain MHK will chair the Climate Change Transformation Board and Chris Thomas MHK will chair a new Housing and Community Board. The Chief Minister continued: “I have consulted with members of Tynwald in recent days, listening to their views, ideas and suggestions. I want to draw on the collective will of every member of Tynwald and work together to improve the lives of the people of our Island community. “There are a number of immediate challenges we face, such as energy pricing and the COVID-19 pandemic as we enter the winter months. But we must also focus on the longer term. With my Tynwald colleagues, we have already started work on developing a five year Island Plan to deliver a better future for all.” Departmental memberships and appointments to statutory boards will be announced in due course.
  8. Be interesting to see how COVID strategy changes with Hooper.
  9. Oh well, I guessed quite well on the people front (6/8). Less so on the roles (0/8). Still feel Claire Christian would be a positive force in the Cabinet.
  10. Cor blimey, can’t he just announce his Cabinet like the PM does (or rather one by one!). That’s what we are interested in. The junior posts barely make the news 🤷‍♂️
  11. Could be a good sign? They are not prepared to be walked over and putting forward their own vision for the department (and Government).
  12. And quite rightly so 😎
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