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  1. Sounds like he didn’t like being asked questions.
  2. Rubbish. It’s because the numbers in classes that Auntie Doris watches have significantly dropped over the years. Those that would have taken a whole morning (and sometimes in to the afternoon) or evening are lucky to have 30 competitors. Rather than let the Guild die a slow death, they are trying new classes. Some work, some don’t. The Battle of the Bands sounded great, but just didn’t get the audience numbers to recover the costs of staging it.
  3. Thought you were taking about Anne Corlett for a moment
  4. Maybe she has turned down this (and other) posts? Perhaps she feels she can do more for the GMP outside CoMin?
  5. Yes, but she might be more effective for the IoM outside CoMin.
  6. Possibly a role that can’t be let go off immediately? There is no deputy that can fill in.
  7. My joke. But Dr E is the remaining candidate on my list to go. Maybe Monkeypox will keep her job safe for now.
  8. This afternoon Henrietta is currently blocking any number who calls her mobile 🤔
  9. Me too. I was just going to add her name. She seems to work damn hard, knows her stuff, and is willing to speak up.
  10. Exactly this. If he wielded the axe at the weekend, it would no longer be today’s headlines.
  11. So true. And it is so strange (to me) that in a crisis, she failed to assemble her best team. A true leader would call on all brains, ensure diversity of opinion, and ensure their team was delivering well beyond the sum of the individuals. Why she failed on this is bewildering.
  12. Then also add her MBA (more relevant to her being Interim CEO; I think everyone would agree 😎). Just to be clear, I think her behaviour was despicable and hope further actions are taken agsinst her, but I am also a stickler for accuracy).
  13. She’s left the Island or too much water under the bridge? (I generally don’t know)
  14. Certainly create a senior leadership role for her, allowing her to do what she wanted in cleaning things up. There must be enough room for that.
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