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  1. So true. Thanks for sharing. Mesages like this the Government and responsible media should be sharing.
  2. Wrighty speaks with such clarity he should be Goverment Spokesman. And advisor to CoMin. I listen to him 👍
  3. Should get Prof Neil Ferguson to do a prediction also. His predictions have been shown to be really accurate. After the event 🤷‍♂️
  4. Gawd, another 13 ranks to go. I’ll have to give up the day job 🤪 Grand Master does sound appealing
  5. Imagine you were born in 1900 and improvise 🤪
  6. So well written. Pity this could not have been read in Tynwald yesterday. Would have saved many hours of wind.
  7. On paper Baker, Harmer and Allinson are well educated 🤪
  8. You make it sound like BJs handling in England has been exemplary 🤔
  9. I thought Liverpool have been doing it since Janaury?
  10. I was surprised by the number of MLCs when looking at the voting yesterday. First it looked as if all MLCs had voted JW, then I found one, two, three additional had voted for LS.
  11. Hopefully with the Island’s commitment to CO2 reductions, he will lead by example and reduce travel and do those meetings by Zoom. 🤪
  12. Perhaps hoping he would score some points
  13. There’s also questions over how quickly the EAG can assemble for (urgent) meetings. I have read recently about members not being available for meetings; they are all working professionals and maybe taking holidays themselves.
  14. Ha ha. I really don’t know the guy and am in two minds. He clearly is passionate about the mechanisms of Tynwald and the whole networking and education within the CPA. And for that reason maybe he could drive positive change. On the other hand, his experience could be far better used serving the Island as a parliamentarian?
  15. Maybe Clerk? Or aim for 30 years as President and pick up roles like Chair of the CPA etc
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