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  1. Me too. I was just going to add her name. She seems to work damn hard, knows her stuff, and is willing to speak up.
  2. Exactly this. If he wielded the axe at the weekend, it would no longer be today’s headlines.
  3. So true. And it is so strange (to me) that in a crisis, she failed to assemble her best team. A true leader would call on all brains, ensure diversity of opinion, and ensure their team was delivering well beyond the sum of the individuals. Why she failed on this is bewildering.
  4. Then also add her MBA (more relevant to her being Interim CEO; I think everyone would agree 😎). Just to be clear, I think her behaviour was despicable and hope further actions are taken agsinst her, but I am also a stickler for accuracy).
  5. She’s left the Island or too much water under the bridge? (I generally don’t know)
  6. Certainly create a senior leadership role for her, allowing her to do what she wanted in cleaning things up. There must be enough room for that.
  7. With Glover you get two for the price of one. ”The lovely Jane Glover MBE” contributes to and supports his facebook posts. The 25th MHK.
  8. I wonder if the delay was because the docs are now with Manx Care? I remember at the PAC hearings DA talking about bundles of documents still to be supplied as they now sit with Manx Care.
  9. I think MR did mention some examples of your experience with DHSC (but I am sure you had plenty more!) There sure are some powerful, unnamed individuals at the DHSC. If it weren’t so serious it would make a good TV series.
  10. Thanks, that’s certainly a feasible possibility. But, does the CS still have clerks to do minutes and why were they never written up. In any case, the clerk could confirm that her shorthand had been correctly transcribed (presumambly only she or another clerk could type them up?)
  11. Unless it was a highly sophisticated IT hack, it should be easy to check against backups and/or see when the latest version was saved on the current drive. Or even indeed if the version presented to the tribunal matches that backed up. I would have thought 🤔
  12. One thought … because Dr Glover was also interviewed in relation to her struggles to get her views/recommendations heard by those making decisions, and people automatically think pandemic….?
  13. Be good if specific names were ultimately revealed rather than tarnishing the whole DHSC with the same brush
  14. And maybe mark work and prepare lessons for 3 hours?
  15. If it wasn’t placed on the Order Paper then there wouldn’t be an Amendment. You should be asking where it was on the Order Paper.
  16. More public interest and engagement than the Island plan!!
  17. Who is the DHSC clique though, given that there seems to be such a high turnover at the senior mgt team level? If the senior team was a constant I could better understand. Or is it typical behaviour of CS leaders 🤔
  18. And seems not limited to the Manx CS, given the key player (who remained in England) and the main cast of the production have moved over recently or the last few years.
  19. Everytime I heard Ms Magson speak she really drilled the team work culture they wanted to instill. The letter was very much on that theme.
  20. He said after the PAC there would be no rebuttal. He felt that he had given all the evidence. Like it or not that’s what he said. No point still bringing it up 6 months later. Same strategy as Dr G.
  21. A paper from John Hopkins, reaching a conclusion that lockdowns maybe did not add anything to the overall outcome so far. "A LITERATURE REVIEW AND META-ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECTS OF LOCKDOWNS ON COVID-19 MORTALITY" https://sites.krieger.jhu.edu/iae/files/2022/01/A-Literature-Review-and-Meta-Analysis-of-the-Effects-of-Lockdowns-on-COVID-19-Mortality.pdf
  22. Jeez. This thread is depressing. Sorry I ventured in. Over and out 🍻
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