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  1. 12 hours ago, BenFairfax said:

    The H rate of 0.4% for Omi, I am just going off SA data: The cases are what you can get a very good handle on, the H rate is estimated. But people naturally want to know peak bed occupancy for planning, so included this. UK PH already put out models with H rates of 0.5%, 1%, and 1.5%; which I think is too high.


    I quoted this Doctor from S Africa two weeks ago.

    There are now 2 more weeks additional data. 

    Why won’t some people listen to her?


    DR. ANGELIQUE COETZEE: Britain is overreacting to Omicron


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  2. 2 hours ago, NoTailT said:

    Everyone in the Castletown row-hop I was in tonight was wearing masks. Including the staff.


    In other news: I was told today that Clare Christians (now-ex?) Husband was awarded the contract to supply LFDs to the Government, with no tender process. Just awarded. No PPE or medical background.

    Interesting. I read in the EAG minutes a while ago he was declaring a conflict of interest for being involved / advising a company on supplying  to the island. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Banker said:

    Dr Glover is predicting rising hospitalizations in next 7/10 days due to rising infections.

    Hopefully she’s wrong as my understanding is that most new cases are in the unvaccinated school kids who very rarely need hospital.

    Also on her feed some guy whining he had negative PCR test after 12 positive LFTs do got 6 private tests to prove he had Covid!!’

    Has she validated against Dr Fairfax’s models. Are his helikopters from August still sitting at Noble’s

    Is there really more infections or just more people getting PCRs? If there are genuinely more infections, then based on probability, numbers in hospital with COVID will increase. 

  4. 1 hour ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

    I don’t think anyone disagrees that masks may make a difference. Biggest factors are the quality of the mask and how they are used. Fiddling with them every minute and reusing them is counterproductive. We had strict instructions on handling them, disposing in plastic bags etc (later changed to paper bags after complaints on sustainability). 

  5. 1 hour ago, x-in-man said:

    I see the Police are collecting every yr6 pupils from around the entire island and busing them to Balla for a movie. 

    I went into a shop earlier and forgot to put a mask on and was almost tasered by some old dear behind the counter.


    Good reflexes on the old dear then 👍

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Quality said:

    It's correct though. If the variant was found to be vaccine resistant we would be back to square one. Obviously that looks increasingly unlikely as most rationale readers of the post would understand and wait to have confirmed. It's weird that only the most vocal anti-restriction / anti-government / anti-mask / anti-vaccine / covid-denier types seem to get scared by or even notice "scaremongering".

    No. Some people are just disappointed with others spreading false information. He is a Public figure. It is his duty to be sending the correct information. 

    Many people are not rational, esp wrt COVID and will hang of every word he says. 

    Therefore crystal clear communication is my expectation. Objective not subjective. 

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  7. 32 minutes ago, thommo2010 said:

    I have just read Juan Wattersons post on facebook, wow is all I can say. Talk about stoking the fear and is it any wonder businesses are concerned about parties being cancelled when an elected official is posting that tripe.

    Very anti-Government. Is he the self-elected opposition spokesperson 🤷‍♂️

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  8. 27 minutes ago, Manx17 said:

    What a crazy statement he has made. 

    And he is Chair of the PAC. Thought he would have learnt something about viruses with all the witnesses they interviewed. 



    Edited to add: at least some of his followers have common sense and corrected him. 

    Second edit: another black mark for referring to GMP. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

    Away with your and your positivity. It’s not welcome here. 

    I think a large population of the population are suffering from something akin to Stockholm syndrome. Don’t want to see COVID go.

    I have myself put several positive news stories on here over the last day, always some who have to look at them negatively; too small data size, only men, only vaccinated, only rich people, can’t trust Israel…

    Just bring yourself to say it’s looking quite positive 😎

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Banker said:

    Here’s the sky news report, nothing known if vaccinations effective yet, in fact it’s pretty downbeat 


    It’s full of contradictions and don’t knows. Very poorly written.

    Seems there are already positive signs emerging elsewhere in the world that this new strain is barely any worse than Delta.

    Key message: get vaccinated!



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  11. 27 minutes ago, Banker said:

    You won’t find any link because he never said that, he said it will be 2 weeks before they know results of testing on new variant.,but carry on with parties 

    Fake news from Ramsey again!

    Look at my earlier link to what Israel have said.

  12. 58 minutes ago, thommo2010 said:

    Ah but what's fully vaccinated? 


    2 jabs or 2 jabs plus the booster 😆 

    so long as you have been jabbed with a second or third shot in last 6 months 


    Good news, agree?

  13. 24 minutes ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:


    The problem is, we don’t know if it’s more transmissible, and more likely to evade vaccination, but it looks like it is. 


    Our current vaccines may be less effective towards omicron. I haven’t read anything  about the virus completely evading them. 

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  14. 20 minutes ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

    She’s talking in the context of 30 patients she didn’t expect to be ill with regular covid. Half vaccinated. Most males under 40.

    If anything, I’d say it’s South Africa trying to save face and avoid more travel bans. 

    Everywhere, she is quoted as basically saying “well I might be wrong in two weeks, we don’t know”. 

    Here’s another two scientists/medics

    Prof ANGUS DALGLEISH: Why is Omicron variant being treated like Ebola?



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  15. 4 minutes ago, Ramseyboi said:

    The reaction to this variant does seem very strange.  I makes no sense at all to me and I haven’t seen or heard a single thing that to me justifies why I am now expected to wear a mask and have events I was looking forward to cancelled, when last week everything was fine .

    Marr (BBC): So do you think that we in Britain, in the United States, in Israel, in Europe, do you think we’re all panicking unnecessarily?

    Dr. Coetzee: I think you already have it there in your country. You’re not even knowing it. And I would say yes, at this stage I would say definitely. Two weeks from now on maybe we will say something different.

    Marr (BBC): You suggested just a moment ago that it may be seeded in the UK already some way back and we may simply not have not noticed.

    Dr. Coetzee: Yes. Definitely, because you are seeing a lot of Delta cases. Remember we had the break. We had about 8 to 10 weeks break between out last wave and this new variant coming onto the market now and so for us to easily see there’s something different, it’s easy. Your doctors might be more focused on the Delta symptoms and missing this because it’s easy to miss this. If it wasn’t for the fact that we had not seen the really Covid cases this past few weeks we would have also missed it.

    Marr (BBC): That was very very interesting. Dr. Coetzee thank you so much for talking to us.”

    I have even read that Omicron could be good news. More people may catch it but with mild symptoms. We still generate antibodies to protect agsinst future infections. 

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  16. 18 minutes ago, Andy Onchan said:

    So some Omicron cases in Scotland are not travel related, ergo it's circulating in the community. It's probably been in in the community for a long time hence the still high levels of cases across the UK.

    Late September / early October was suggested in the Science article shared yesterday for when omicron came into circulation.

    I guess it started flying to international destinations quite soon after. 


  17. 2 minutes ago, Andy Onchan said:

    There'll be many, many more cases popping up over the next few weeks. The SA GP in question operates a private clinic and so it's only her patients that are getting tested. There'll be many millions more who don't have access to private primary care walking around with this new variant.

    31 and counting cases landed at Schipol yesterday. 



  18. 5 minutes ago, offshoremanxman said:

    “more time is needed before we know the seriousness of the disease for vulnerable people” the main issue still seems to be immuno compromised people which isn’t surprising given the general HIV rate in Africa.

    … and healthy, vaccinated people appear to get only mild, but different, symptoms and recover quickly (albeit only low numbers and males).

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