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  1. So can I get a drink driving licence now?
  2. One of these is a tool, the other is a dysfunctional object.
  3. It was a personal apology. He clearly stated that he couldn't speak on behalf of anybody else (that's a first). So I'm not entirely sure what he has apologised for!
  4. I'm not convinced that is really your email address...... My guess is you have been awfully quiet on the email front over the past few years if you have been using that!
  5. If only Onchan district commissioners shared that approach to using superfluous cash.
  6. I don't want to detract from the seriousness of this, but he threw in a random chief cuntstable at 2.14.
  7. Ashford will give a point by point rebuttal to that.......... Until he realises he can't!
  8. Shame it can't be used in scrabble.....
  9. And never trust a man who takes selfies while curling one out.
  10. What were the essential requirements for appointment?
  11. He does that pro bona.
  12. One of these guys talk a lot of sense,
  13. Yes but HQ has nailed it and owns it! Turns out he does have one talent after all......
  14. You suggesting I'm some sort of bumbling buffoon with poor taste in clothing? I could go on to clarify the situation by using a thousand more words and leave you more confused.
  15. Faster my. The chief minister has looked at the shitisthics and consulted with the chief cuntstable and lessons have been lerned. There is no need for hyperbowl.
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