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  1. I refer to the honourable gentleman's previous reply.........it's 'Dunny'
  2. He's a few stubbies short of a six pack.
  3. Careful now, he will shred his computer the next day!
  4. littlebushy

    Manx Care

    Well, you get what you pay for!
  5. IOM government have similar issues when it comes to procurement.
  6. Have you had your jab?
  7. There is an election looming.....my recommendation to the people of Douglas North is by all means vote for Ashford if you want to. Just remember to shred your ballot paper before you put it in the ballot box..... GDPR and all that. That will learn him....
  8. littlebushy

    Town Raid

    Chief constable sent the boys down to demand their jabs at Chester Street?
  9. Fuck me! As a man who cant read from a script or pronounce simple words, how could he possibly be chosen to scrutinise. He must be a shoe-in. Hyperbowl
  10. So would I! https://www.facebook.com/3FMradio/videos/290246992205049/?redirect=false A theme park and a billion trees....
  11. Thoroughly recommend it, whole house has full coverage....
  12. Or maybe its only orthopaedic surgeons and the people you listed (e.g. advocates) who will get to see 50 pound notes?
  13. Head down to Douglas Prom for the post apocalyptic vision......but being 20 years behind the times, it is only just coming to fruition.
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