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  1. Any other recommended venues for a hot date? Asking for a friend...
  2. littlebushy

    Garffs MHK

    Are you a supporter of his or not....difficult to tell.
  3. But what's that got to do with colostomy bags?
  4. We shall shite on the beaches... To quote Churchill (and no, I'm not David Ashford)
  5. That's no way to talk about Howard Quayle. #hyperbowl
  6. Get Ashford on the case....he can sort the code!
  7. Autocueball surely?
  8. I don't believe a word van Tam says unless it is accompanied by a football analogy.
  9. Ashford needs a new role....something to get his teeth into....
  10. I've always found that the island of Sodor is far more disruptive to the ferry journey than them windfarms....
  11. Don't think he was being repatriated as such. More likely transferred to the regional trauma centre for emergency treatment as his injuries would have dictated! That would be covered by the Isle of Man Air ambulance funded by the IoM taxpayer.
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