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  1. He’s too harmless. My child could do a better job. Useless, inept man. And he will get back in.
  2. Yes. Not many agree with this but it is the way forward. At least double their salary - attract the brainy and business-minded candidates who know how to steer a (sinking) ship in the right direction. The Moorhouses and Perkins of the world are not going to remove us from the absolute shite show that is our flailing economy. I would vote for an unlikeable but successful, clever businessman over a ‘nice guy’ ex-teacher/journalist/nurse type any day of the week - they would have less of an inclination to be there for the money having already made it.
  3. I travel this route regularly and the driving up there recently has been hideous. I was overtaken couple weeks back by a van, there was an oncoming vehicle and I was going at 45 or thereabouts (slow but driving to conditions). I wouldn’t care if they went off the side but do not endanger others.
  4. He over compensated there and is clearly lying. Does he think people are stupid.
  5. I believe he’s had some, baffling as that may seem considering he’s got the public speaking capabilities of a toddler whose first language is Yiddish.
  6. Manxtoffee

    Next CM

    I hope they don’t try it before the election. I’d like to see CoMin held accountable for the crapshow that is their handling of this lockdown, especially the most current one. Why let HQ off early? I think he should see out the final few months then disappear from the political sphere.
  7. Total test numbers is pointless I certainly don’t care how many cases we’ve had since this all began. It confuses matters. Just have it up on the website for people to google if they so wish.
  8. The horse trams unfortunately are seen as a USP so the government and tourist board will continue to flog this now very dead horse until the end of time.
  9. I don’t understand the adoration some people have for Cretney, but I know there are a lot who like him, so landing a column doesn’t surprise me. Agreeable chap maybe, but the only thing I gather from his services to the Isle of Man is that he was around a long time and didn’t upset too many folks. And since leaving he’s been lauded for doing his job... that he was paid to do... without too many f*ck ups... for a long period of time? I don’t get the fuss.
  10. I understand where you are coming from but I don’t think these workers should have to reprimand people for failing to wear masks. It’s an uncomfortable situation to put them in and grown adults should take responsibility and follow the rules. People know what they should be doing but some are just too pig-ignorant unfortunately.
  11. Well I wouldn’t tend to agree with a Bojo aid, but this certainly is batsh*t crazy
  12. Manxtoffee

    Next CM

    Exactly this. Tynwald has a few intelligent people thrown in there, but the majority of Keys and Legco just don’t cut the mustard in the brains department. Puzzlingly - they all think they’re the dog’s bollocks!
  13. Manxtoffee

    Next CM

    This is so very true. It’s only politicians and a few close followers of the Manx political system who actually care about Tynwald or know what is going on. I bet the majority of people on the IoM couldn’t name four MHKs or one MLC. Just look at voter turnout - very few people actually care.
  14. To be fair it is usually the government that causes panic through their inaction and incompetence in certain situations. They have a knack for blaming the journos or the man next door or anybody else they can think of except themselves.
  15. Good old Manx rumour mill, I have heard 3 weeks from tomorrow, 1 week from tonight and 2 weeks from tonight now. Any more for any more?
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