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  1. So, would that not mean that they had over hired in the first instance? If you are able to pay fairer wages and get a higher level of work output, is that not a good thing? It is a pretty magical wand to those who are on minimum wage. Also, in my plan there's a cap. So up to a point, the government would pay the difference. Not the employer.
  2. I believe the majority of our problems start at that. I'm constantly being told the Isle of man could not afford to do it....so when a conversation comes up about how the Isle of man wastes money, its an ideal time to drive the point home that we could, but choose not to. Favour, yes. No man is an island... And a bull in a China shop, whilst probably good for approval ratings, does very little for systematic change. I want reform on a large scale and need other people to agree.
  3. I completely agree. 600m = 169,993 minimum wage salaries subsidised to living wage. Far more useful to our society
  4. The latest info on losses/gains I can find are: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=40117&headline=Horse tram loss was £200,000, not £500,000&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018 The money used to subsidise this, could subsidise 58.5 full annual salaries, 35 hour weeks from minimum wage to living wage. As for raising taxes, in order to pay for pensions... If the only way our government can make money is repeatedly increasing taxes, we need a new government. Innovation and production is the way.
  5. *of note. My 23.5% donation of salary, is also including pension until death, or no manx worker is on less than living wage.
  6. I'm just looking at it from a perspective of a bill that does need paying... I think means testing things like pensions is dangerous. And the hyper inflated pensions are obscene. I think the first step would be restructuring government to have less management positions that need high pay, to stop this becoming a problem we can't recover from. Case in point is health on island. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians also just makes responsibility and accountability almost impossible to pin down. I don't think there is a way to stop what is already owed, but we could step in front o
  7. As for the government pension... Are you aware of "the company store"? If not.. It was a thing that happened, as America industrialised. Way out in the mines or cotton farms, miles away from the nearest towns. What would happen, would be a small company would start selling supplies to the workers. Capitalism doing what it does, started to increase prices. So. You work all day and spend your wages straight back to your boss and often even end up indebted. The Isle of Man Government is the biggest employer here and our rate of pay system simply does not allow a person to be able
  8. Good morning! I completely agree about all of this. The speaker for the house made a very informative post, which is worth a read: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159506644832387&id=551537386 Certain projects like Peggy and the horse trams annoy me too. The horse trams, we call heritage. But. That heritage is based on the fact that we were the only people still using them, when everyone else had moved on. Why we keep this tradition, I will never understand. Peggy... That's a tricky subject, mainly because it is an amazing specimen and it is
  9. I am learning that there is certainly some conversations that are not likely to yield results. I have tried to answer each question as thoroughly as I have felt it will be received, even to a point of asking how in depth a person would like the answer. Is there something specific you have found to be too wishy washy? I will attempt to summarise in bullet points. 😂 We're about to approach page 13 of back and forth... And im yet to be able to bridge conversations about anyone else's concerns in Middle, or the island as a whole... And I suspect, for the most part, that im not even talk
  10. That's fair, and there has been a certain amount of it. Between this thread and the main one. From pointing out that im a vocalist in a band (like that is somehow a bad thing), to me "being in the sun too long" for suggesting that there is manx coffee... I have my main priorities, which I have set out. Which include bridging the gap between minimum wage, to living wage. Boosting our medical/tourism industry via medical tourism. Public accessibility to government and direct accountability. Any time I attempt to try discuss these things in any real detail
  11. ^^that is to say.... If you live in middle, now is the ideal time to get your view point delivered, as someone is actually listening. As it stands. 2 candidates. So I'm uncontested. If another comes up... I'm still fairly confident I'll get in . Now would be a great time to tell me what you care about....as that's what my job will soon be about. And that's why I'm running. My ethics and priorities are just to give you an idea why I'm running. I, so far have only promised to deliver 2 things. 23.5% of my salary, until no one is paid less than living wage.
  12. Thank you. I appreciate the positive feed back... It is massively appreciated. By in large its not lost in me, that despite I'm the only current candidate determined to get all view points represented, the majority of the view points are seem to be "anti Keiran" opposed to anti view point... I'm here trying to ensure people feel represented. 🤷‍♂️ I don't feel it's a waste of my time however.. As the people who are under represented, tend to be the people who "fall through the cracks" that doesn't change because they have a bee in their bonnet about someone who is "different"
  13. I'm with that, from what I'm aware it's most effective uses are Muscle spazms and seizures, nausea relief from chemo, certain symptom relief from chrons, through to a random thing such as stopping night terrors from PTSD. It's medicinal value, certainly has more benefits than it's side effects have negatives. I haven't seen enough hard evidence of any actual cancer treatment. I'd actually love to talk to you about something else, in regards to mental health, if you would humour me? I'll happily do it on here, or private if you would prefer?
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