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  1. It is "Keiran" My Facebook kept getting thrown in jail, including historical posts from about 10 years ago rendering it unusable. Too many crazy left wing memes and "epstein didnt kill himself" bits. 😂 I decided to set up a new one and just used keeran. I know it's not quite as edgy as "Ramseyboi" but, I admin a lot (ha!) of pages etc. And it's a nightmare.
  2. The only other one unaccounted for is on private land. Which I have reminded her to remove incase it hasnt been (llamedos livery), as she had said she would. I used what3words to remind me where all mine were.
  3. I think you're right on this account. There is a certain psychology, however on the Isle of Man, which might not apply in more built up areas of posters being out. In the likes of London, you would soon tune them out. But here... Its out of the ordinary. Just look how much its boiling @Ramseybois piss that I've left one out (which, I actually thought I had picked up... But there's a real chance I had intended to double back as didn't want to park on that road in busy traffic with hazards) I also think if you spot 100 of the other candidates it makes you feel like you're not putting in enough effort. I only put out 28, because I found them garish
  4. Which one did I miss? Some actual info would be much more use than your vague whinging? As stu points out, I managed to message him amicably with details about where his was, out of courtesy and to seem like I actually wanted to actually ensure the sign was removed...
  5. I think that's OK... As I am no longer a candidate... Just a grumpy resident. The old saying goes "if you don't vote, you can't complain" which.... I think means I have earned the credit for 5 years worth of popping shots from the sidelines at least 😂 And yes, a touch pedantic. Dare I say, even snobbish. Language experts mostly believe that if what you're intending to communicate is clear through context, grammar and misspellings are a minor detail. Written language is about communicating a point, not organising characters in the correct order.
  6. Thank you. Time will tell... Alot can happen in 5 years. Who knows? The prom might be finished. I always said that I would only run once and the reason was that this is a VERY good time for progressive changes, more so than I can remember. We have a better house now, than 5 years ago. Let's hope COMIN don't mess it up.
  7. I've been interacting with the team for a long while and wanted to send an email thanking them for all the work they have done. I included the information about me being flattened by a cold and that I would remove them ASAP.
  8. I'm off to remove them now. And I emailed the elections team... So it's not an issue 😂 and again, I have no plans for MLC. I Dont know how many times I have to repeat that before you will stop choosing to ignore it
  9. Well, I'm off to do it.. Fear not haha. I literally have been hacking my lungs up for days and not fit for much else. Again. No intention of running and it was suggested (also by an MHK) Having to have a perfect memory is not a part of the deal and I'm sat here riffing on manx forums, not scrutinising legislation. And as an aside... I have ZERO shame in being a cleaner. I get paid a living wage (I might feel different if minimum wage) to take the stress of of families who need it. Nothing wrong with that.
  10. I got an absolute pasting from a cold. I've been laid out all weekend and am off to remove my posters this eve I'm fairly sure, it has to be within 1 week of the election... And I doubt it will damage the planet them being there for a few days. As for the MLC thread, I have no intention of running. I received multiple messages, including from MHKs suggesting the idea. I wanted to weigh up the options. Having 18 months legaslative experience, would do no harm in the future and that was literally my only thinking for being at all pro the idea. My comments in regard to democratic defecit, was merely to point out that 22 MHKS were elected last week that you could not vote against. However, they do have alot of scope for ruining your lives. This is not a new thought, as it was in my manifesto.
  11. If anyone needs a lift to a Polling station tomorrow, let me know. Picture for attention, though, they will be comfortable cars.
  12. Chris has been absolutely instrumental in alot of the positive reform we have had. Legco not voting for CM, extended time to get CM, manifesto outweighing collective responsibility. And that's a way from his constituency work and his character aside. He is one of the better people I can remember in tynwald. It doesn't all have to be charisma and "x factor" Doing work quietly, is just as good, if not better, than doing it loudly. Well, in 48 hours, I'll be chewing my finger nails and hoping you have all voted, and voted well. Cheers for taking the time to challenge me in here, thanks to everyone who has heard and supported me.
  13. That whole monologue was perfect 👌
  14. Oh, I'm appreciative of the kind words. Its just not Lost on me.... Whilst I was reviewing the last 5 years of hansard over the last few months, I also reviews all relevant interests and assets across the entirety of tynwald to see if that was reflected in people's actions. Just an odd detail to leave out I actually like how outspoken robertshaw is and have cheered him multiple times throughout the last few years.
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