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  1. Thank you. Running something in the papers is something I'll definitely consider doing. Ah yes, that would've been between May '88 and February '89. I've spoken to Anthony Barclay's (who played the younger Buddy) agent to see if he would be able to speak to me. How interesting and lovely to hear that your mother put it together and kept up with his work as the years went by. No information on parents. From what I've been told by people who worked with him post-Mountview, he had a brother and a sister. Sadly, no names but the sister was a few years older. Thanks, will d
  2. Sorry, can you tell me which site that was? I keep searching with no luck... I'm wondering if it's perhaps geo-locked as some newspaper archive sites are. To get the cut version that I had prior, I had to dig through loads of cuttings at the Scottish Royal Conservatoire's holdings.
  3. Thank you - where did you find a full copy of this? I'd seen a version of this obituary before, but only including the first two paragraphs.
  4. That is fair enough if you view it as such. I will certainly not try to pretend that I am here with any mountain of knowledge garnered about him. Will look into getting the telephone directory sent over here to find them And thanks for that - that will help a good bit in trying to pin down more details about his earlier productions. We've managed to piece together a timeline of his Stage and TV work from 1985 onwards (ie. everything from Antycasanova and Gigi onwards, including a TV role that hasn't previously been listed online), & I am looking into others who worked on those produc
  5. I see. Well, if any details of those come to mind; that'd be appreciated. Even finding out where he performed in those earlier days would be a good step forward. Thanks for the pointers; I will be sure to go investigate those Sadly, I've not had any luck in locating his family. I do have a potential lead on finding one of his nieces which I've yet to get a response from, but beyond that, I've not been able to piece together anything about them.
  6. Hi people of ManxForums, I apologise for jumping into such a forum when it's not really my place to be... And this is not the typical forum post... However, I feel that you folks are most likely to be able to help me out here. For some number of years, I've been trying to make a mini-documentary about the Manx actor Dursley McLinden who sadly passed away early in his life from AIDS. Now, this project has faded in and out and in and out of development as unfortunately, it's always been rather hard to find out much about him beyond a few of his TV appearances, and his Diamond Brothers
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