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  1. Your friends, family and colleagues are all very lucky not to have had it bad. The younger people I know who have had it, did (mostly) seem fairly lucky and didn't suffer too much. That said, both my child and a neighbour's child who are both high school age, were fairly ill for 3 or 4 days and are still not fully recovered. Of the older people I know who've had it, lots report of feeling very poorly for several days similar to a flu (not just a bad cold). Myself and my partner, as previously written on this thread, were hit quite bad by it and definitely weren't in a position to work from home. It would seem like it effects people differently and the sooner the experts find out why, the better as they will be able to treat and prevent it better. It may also stop people being persecuted by others for daring to say that they felt ill while covid positive...
  2. I'm not a teacher but I am a person who is double-jabbed and has recently had covid. There is absolutely no way that I would've been able to work from home or sit in the sunshine while suffering with symptoms. It really did knock me for six and I would encourage anyone who's not had covid (whether vaccinated or not) to take whatever precautions possible to avoid the illness.
  3. Our child has it and on day 8 is only on the road to recovery now. It was definitely more than a bad cold and the after effects seem to be much worse than any virus I've experienced with both of my children over the years. I pity anyone who gets it with an underlying health issue because it really has knocked the wind out of me and mine. The exhaustion, brain fog etc seem to be the problem during recovery. Whilst these don't sound that serious, these are the things which I think will cause the problems in schools (and workplaces) going forward.
  4. The figures aren't a true reflection of the actual infection rate. Those who are responsible, are staying off work and keeping children off off school when presenting with symptoms which others think are 'just a cold'. Unfortunately, there are lots of children still being sent to school with coughs and runny noses, and whose parents think one negative LFT is proof that they don't have covid. Ask anyone who works in a school here and they will confirm that the real figures are probably much worse than Public Health reports. The next few weeks are going to be very testing for our health service!
  5. No, definitely houses. Perhaps the occupants have organised to pay extra rates... 🤔
  6. And the gardens staff who regularly get 'overtime' for tending to the plants which pushes their salaries above many of our skilled workers/emergency services etc
  7. She might want to get her council workers to do a quick drive around Willaston to remove all of the surplas bins if she wants to save money. A quick drive through the estate on bin day would show her that lots of properties have 2nd bins yet pay the same rates as the rest of us.
  8. Social housing are bringing in means testing but only, when new tenancy agreements are signed. Although this is a great start, it doesn't sift out the numerous tenants on old contracts who are earning way above the threshold for social housing. Surely, social housing can get a list of all tenants, ask for a year or two salary proof (I'm sure the tax office could help them) and then push the rents up for those tenants who are earning above the amount set as being the amount for social housing need.
  9. I wasn't denying the fact that any medical emergency treatment deserves medical care, that was my point really. In an ideal world, everyone would have access to free health care and quite rightly. My point really is that our government are so twisted and corrupt that I can imagine them getting a backhander for the help they've given the crew member.
  10. I've just read that a crew member from sailing yacht 1 was on our shores for a medical emergency yesterday. Wonder if any cash exchanged hands?!
  11. Very well presented question by the journalist about the bus driver who questioned passengers about if their journey was essential or not. What wasn't great was the inept way that HQ answered by not answering.....
  12. And then mix with each other in a canteen, by all accounts, totally ignoring the fact we are in a pandemic. (although Unite appear to be trying to put blame on management) Thanks to the bus drivers that have now helped the possible extension of our lockdown.
  13. Paying tax across the water or here then?
  14. As much as one in management may have thought covid was a hoax etc etc, surely the responsibility of the bus drivers should also fall upon themselves too? Maybe, one bus driver was not being as careful as they should and caught it outside of their bus duties - not bus vannin's fault. Maybe, a covid positive (asymptomatic) bus driver mixed with others on their lunch break at the depot - again, not bus vannin's fault as every single driver should have been maintaining social distancing while going about their day outside of their bus driving. Maybe, the bus drivers werent using the basic handwashing advice that we have all been told and have caught covid whilst they got on the bus (from handles etc) and then caught covid for to lack of handwashing. Maybe, the bus drivers used tesco for their breaktime snacks, caught covid due to not following handwashing advice after using basket/trolley. Maybe, a bus driver has a family member who has been going out and about more than neccesary and has passed covid to their partner who is a driver. My point is, Unite can't blame bus vannin for something that is very probably not their fault. The bus drivers should all count themselves lucky that they will be on full pay whilst isolating. Others haven't been so lucky over the last 12 months.
  15. Why should our public health director be taking a wage from our pot yet live elsewhere? Serious question by the way, I thought it would be essential that our top roles are based on island.
  16. And there's another problem. All businesses were told that if employees could work from home, that they should. If the business that was deep cleaned this week sent it's employees home this week, it would suggest that they were already able to work from home at the beginning of the most recent lockdown. Prisin workers positive, a bunch of bus drivers positive (with lots of others now isolating), yet the government think we are doing well....
  17. Manxas

    Cost of care

    I totally appreciate the fact thst there are facilities like the one in this post where essential care can be given to those who need. That said, I think the costs are beyond the point of being acceptable. I also like the concept that we as families, should look after our own but, this is sometimes not possible due to medical needs etc. I think one thing that really frustrates me is the fact that many of us who work and have worked all our lives, will have to pay for this care if needed at some point while others won't. A woman I know who has played the system for years, has never worked and payed in. She, will be able to have her essential care paid for by the government in the future if needed after never working, having 5 children who the state has paid for, and never paying in... Not really fair
  18. Yep, I agree as I've definitely seen lots of drivers without masks during this lockdown.
  19. So Howard is saying that he's getting hundreds of people writing to him saying they don't like the questions from the press. So how do those of us who do like the press questions, let Howard know we like them?
  20. Who the hell would go into eitk while having symptoms during a pandemic? Now 2 local businesses been shut down due to people going in with symptoms? Does anyone know which businesses so I can avoid them in future? /
  21. And so we should probably assume that we now have prisoners who will have it too.
  22. I wish it was the sane here but unfortunately, when a supposed Public health expert can't even ve bothered to have her data at hand or even provide a more-detailed answer to questions, I hold no respect for her. David does at least do his homework and gives lots of good info.
  23. Agreed. I know of far too many government workers who are literally on a holiday while on full pay, also lots of douglas corporation workers are the same. Its really not fair when so many people are unable to work due to lockdown and have to take the pittance in benefits while the government workers are reeling their full pay. This isn't taking anything away from those who are working and earning their government pay by the way....
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