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  1. Who said I support him? The idea that someone was so scared of a nuclear was breaking out from a guy who has been the only president since Reagan to not start any wars Is ridiculous. Your real issue is his lack of ability to act presidential? So as long as someone speaks nicely and says nice words, that outweighs everything else? Jesus. Harris yeah, the woman who locked up 1400 individuals for minor marijuana offenses then admitted to smoking weed and laughed about it. Also the same woman that kept hundreds of individuals behind bars even though she had to evidence to show they were innocent. But yeah, she wears converse trainers, therefore she must be good right? If you think Harris and Biden will make a difference, you are totally right, in the way of 1000's of job losses and more troops sent to the middle east. Great Job.
  2. You clearly don't know how instagram sponsorship posting works. You have to go through a process on facebook and set that instagram account up as a business account. You cannot sponsor your own personal account.
  3. Yes! Biden has been a great sponsor of peace for the world. Especially when obama and his administration's failure led to the initial gains of ISIS you know with the lack of checks on who they were sending their arms to in the syrian civil war. Not to mention the peace that came from throwing kids in cages. But orange man baaaad.
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