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  1. I must admit I don’t know the specifics of the JK Rowling case but I did follow it unfold on twitter. Liking those tweets is unfortunate. However I don’t know how much of it should really be called doubling down. Of course, she didn’t apologise profusely and say that she’s learned tremendously of the error in her ways and right this moment she would donate £100,000 to some trans charity, like many public figures do when they are called out on these topics. Instead she responded with a balanced and respectful response clearly outlining her thinking and concerns. Now it’s totall
  2. Oh it wasn’t my intention to disparage your inital post about the chestfeeding! Reading the snopes link posted did give it some extra context to this specific case however, which it turns out doesn’t actually seem too representative of the wider issue. But I think it’s a really interesting topic, and I took the opportunity to share my current thoughts on the wider situation. I completely echo what you said about the militancy of this movement, even if its just a very small minority who are actually like that. I feel I should also clearly state like you did that the issue isn’t at all with
  3. I think it's gone far beyond that in some places unfortunately. Oh you didn't state your pronouns when you introduced yourself when everyone else is, are you actively trying to perpetuate systemic oppression? Oh you're still using ableist language in your vocabulary? As a cis-white person you clearly don't care about those that face constant discrimination in society. Its hard to talk about these issues as they are such an integral part of peoples sense of identity (and often accompanied by a fair amount of trauma) so it makes sense that these conversations are emotional - especially onl
  4. I'm young and moving to the island! Doing my part to counter the outflow of young'uns : ) btw hello everyone! I won't bring covid with me I promise.
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