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  1. While tesco usually show that they're completely booked, during my quarantine period I was able to get a slot by just pointing a page monitor to the booking page to get alerted when new slots become available. This is the extension I used https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/page-monitor/ogeebjpdeabhncjpfhgdibjajcajepgg Both times I was able to get a slot within a couple of hours of checking but I might have been lucky I don't know. But I think they make new slots available during the day. I'd also be happy to do a shop for you in an emergency if you need, just let me kno
  2. The ultimate honeypot! Designed by GCHQ to bankrupt all the criminals in the world in one fell swoop
  3. I wonder if its so volatile because its used so much for speculation. A big online casino that somehow feels more serious and legitimate than betting on horses because the underlying thing is somewhat interesting and theoretically valuable - however no one really knows what that value precisely is.
  4. To be clear, I wasn't saying people shouldn't do their due diligence before buying it. I just think that the focus is so much on the tech when introducing the concept is all. I think the idea is permissionless internet money. But I was generally referring to the range of interesting properties that cryptos present that differ from the current money that we use.
  5. Respectfully I disagree. I think people can learn how to store it securely if they ever decide they want to own some and without being bombarded by the technical details of how blockchains work right from the start that puts them right off. By far the most interesting thing are the implications of permissionless money on society and the world at large, and it's a shame most peoples first introduction to it is poorly explained technobabble on the technicalities of public key cryptography.
  6. Whats the difference? Who cares if its not technically stored in a wallet, but the rights to it are if its functionally the same thing? Even many people who think they know the internet well do not understand the basics of TCP/IP. I think being pedantic on the technical details just puts people off and has done more harm than good. That's why so many people have tried to understand it but have given up. Imagine giving up on getting on the internet because you didn't have a good grasp of routing protocols. Sure, if you're interested in understanding how things work on a fun
  7. People have been saying this since the beginning, yet its worth over a Trillion $ now. That's a lot of money. At what point do you decide that maybe your mental model of it needs reexamining? If all it is is just a big speculative game where everyone is relying on the greater fool to buy something valueless, then it's been going on for an awfully long time don't you think?
  8. I mean, I know the isle of man has its own pound which is itself a local currency I guess.. but its not digital!
  9. I like the plastic token analogy! @AcousticallyChallenged I'd say your description is good and I think describes well the very basics of the mechanism behind it, but I do wonder if it's necessary for most of us to understand the details of mining and guessing numbers as I think that's often behind some of the reason why people find it confusing and decide not to look into it further. I think that's a shame as at least personally the most interesting part of it is not how it works precisely, but what it means for something with its properties to exist. What are the implications? Is it going to
  10. I think one of the problems is that often when enthusiasts try and 'explain bitcoin' they focus far too much on the technical details of how blockchain works which I think is the wrong way to go about it. Most of us don't need to understand how the underlying technology works to consider its implications in the same way most of us don't understand TCP/IP or the inner workings of the internet but we can definitely appreciate its impact on the world. My very basic understanding is that bitcoins are just codes that are limited in quantity, that you can memorise and store in your head so it b
  11. My young neighbours in the flat above me are household mixing 😕
  12. I must admit I don’t know the specifics of the JK Rowling case but I did follow it unfold on twitter. Liking those tweets is unfortunate. However I don’t know how much of it should really be called doubling down. Of course, she didn’t apologise profusely and say that she’s learned tremendously of the error in her ways and right this moment she would donate £100,000 to some trans charity, like many public figures do when they are called out on these topics. Instead she responded with a balanced and respectful response clearly outlining her thinking and concerns. Now it’s totall
  13. Oh it wasn’t my intention to disparage your inital post about the chestfeeding! Reading the snopes link posted did give it some extra context to this specific case however, which it turns out doesn’t actually seem too representative of the wider issue. But I think it’s a really interesting topic, and I took the opportunity to share my current thoughts on the wider situation. I completely echo what you said about the militancy of this movement, even if its just a very small minority who are actually like that. I feel I should also clearly state like you did that the issue isn’t at all with
  14. I think it's gone far beyond that in some places unfortunately. Oh you didn't state your pronouns when you introduced yourself when everyone else is, are you actively trying to perpetuate systemic oppression? Oh you're still using ableist language in your vocabulary? As a cis-white person you clearly don't care about those that face constant discrimination in society. Its hard to talk about these issues as they are such an integral part of peoples sense of identity (and often accompanied by a fair amount of trauma) so it makes sense that these conversations are emotional - especially onl
  15. I'm young and moving to the island! Doing my part to counter the outflow of young'uns : ) btw hello everyone! I won't bring covid with me I promise.
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