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  1. Jeez. I only came onto this thread as my first outing on Manx Forums because of the title in order to learn about Local Authority Elections this Spring and I’ve ended up down a rabbit hole of politicians hiding behind fake names, racism, hate speech, homophobia and scandalous rumours about locals. I’ve been accused of eating wallabies and mistreating blacks And now I’m a “Tosser” as well. Fuck Me It’s like Fucking House of Cards! I’m wondering if I’ll ever escape with my life!
  2. Just because I have only been on the island for a year doesn’t mean I don’t have a circle of friends who tell me things. Someone messaged me to tell me to be careful who I was interacting with and in the message named you specifically. I’ve checked the rules and I see I am not allowed to publicly name you, though. Just because I’m not an expert in Manx politics “yet” doesn’t mean I’m a total idiot.
  3. You are totally missing the point. Awareness needs to be raised. You don’t go as far as you have mentioned. but awareness does need to be raised in order to eradicate racism from our society. The moderators need to have a look at this entire thread as it’s got hate speech, racism, and defamation littered throughout it.
  4. I would have thought that you as a currently standing Ramsey Commissioner yourself would be a little less likely than others to join in and engage in this type of unsubstantiated salacious gossip mongering.
  5. To be honest. There is nowhere near enough airtime given to the need for greater focus on promoting diversity and inclusivity within society. Dare I say it but the Isle of Man is one of the most backwards countries I have ever set foot in in terms of the racist and non inclusive attitudes I have witnessed since I have lived here.
  6. To be fair I don’t believe I have ever knowingly mistreated any black people and certainly not on the basis of their skin colour. I will concede, however, that white Australian settlers did not treat the indigenous Aussies well at all and the injustice of that remains still to be righted and perhaps never can be.
  7. Is it not the case that sometimes people are just more jingoistic rather than racist, though?
  8. I sure am Cobber. Australian and proud but family originally from the Isle of Man hence why I moved here. How did you guess? That Josem guy is not the only Aussie round these here parts. I’ve only been here a year and trying to get my head around the baffling Manx political system is hurting my brain.
  9. Is there any particular reason why the Local Authority Elections have such a terrible turnout? Any reason why they attract so few new candidates? It seems to me that they could be a fantastic introduction to politics for aspiring national politicians.
  10. That’s a bit disappointing if it is the case. I’m relatively new to the Island and would have hoped people would be a bit more to the forefront of exercising their democratic rights over here.
  11. I don’t think I’m really getting the hang of this and I’m probably not doing this right and maybe even just talking to myself. A list of all the Local Authority Areas and who we think is going to stand in those local authority elections would be most excellent.
  12. Sorry, new to this forums mallarkey but a final point on this is that many who end up as national politicians begin in Local Government.
  13. The Local Authorities/councils have an important role to play in providing essential services and looking after our communities. Some of the biggest issues affecting our island such as housing and environmental services are managed by the local authorities. The local Issues often have more of an impact on our quality of life. I’d certainly be interested to hear who is standing in those local authorities/councils.
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