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  1. Police are involved. Betting scam apparently.
  2. Maltby was utterly useless. Quine and Christian clearly deserve to get back in. Higgins - nice guy but has been part of th problems
  3. You miss the point. Who would actually stand to be an MHK with the intention to just spend 5 years doing nothing. Sorry but that’s very very synical. Love or hate who we have or who is standing, but they all do it because the my think they can make a difference in there. It’s not an easy route to MHK - why go through all that effort to then just sit on your fat ass? I’m sure there will be loads of ‘he did that, she did that’ with examples. But unless you’re in there you don’t know what goes in behind the scenes. Not everyone gets news time. Not everyone publishes every minute of their day on social media. sorry I just think that anyone who stands should be given a fair crack of the whip. And they can choose their own way of doing things. I really can say there is on candidate who is in it just for the money, and to have 5 years off.
  4. What motivation would they have to stand then? Honestly there’s easier ways to earn £65k
  5. Isn’t the legCo there to scrutinise? Surely change is better effected inside a department or even leading it, as opposed to shouting at the sidelines?
  6. It seems everyone in the world is incompetent except him.
  7. From what I can see from your various comments, there is no candidate that could stand that you would like or support. You just like being critical. It’s a bit boring.
  8. You’re kidding right? Christian has challenged COMIN and asked more probing questions than anyone else in the last year Imho. I agree Quine is good but he’s a bit of a comin want-to-be and supports the CM and ministers openly in keys and in his interviews. But I think the 2 of them make an awesome team
  9. Its cheap to body shame guys. You should all be above this.
  10. From my perspective Christian has done more for people and addressed some key national issues, particularly around mental health - but I concede that Quine has been an excellent constituency MHK as well.
  11. Or maybe because they are both actually quite good.
  12. Yep - MF is only happy if it’s moaning.
  13. Exactly. What if she can’t afford to pay her mortgage without her salary? I don’t have any issue with an MLC standing, so long as they don’t use Tynwald meetings to canvass and promote themselves inappropriately.
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