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  1. Didn’t she just advocate visitors wear masks for a bit when they arrive? Hardly a stupid ask. Wouldn’t that protect the unvaccinated at least on island rather than do nothing?
  2. I think it (EAG) should have been in place ages ago to support COMIN through this but as always it took ages. But now it’s there it can support future planning and emergency response for future issues, is my understanding.
  3. EAG are unpaid and all local business people and residents. How can you say they have no skin in the game??
  4. Agree. Seems to be a smart, community minded, considerate lady. Has set up a new charity - takes energy, guts, dedication and organisation to do that. I wish her good luck and if I lived in Douglas East I’d be very happy for her to be my MHK.
  5. But they didn’t have the Delta Varient.
  6. Fluffy123


    So to summarise - no one has been sacked we still have 24 MHKs and Manx forums remains utter twoddle.
  7. Th £5m quote for Peggy was based on nothing but ther than some bloke pulling a figure out of the air and it getting lots of air time. Tynwald debated it and not one person said they would support anything that cost that much for the Peggy. This is the ‘fake news’ Christian was talking about. People now think it’s a fact and they are angry at their politicians - all of whom share their view.
  8. Do you think the horse trams attract tourism and money to the economy and pay for themselves in that way? Would be good to have some data.
  9. Either way… wasn’t he the guy that got in for a year in a by election, did fuck all and then didn’t get in again?
  10. No updates on his majesty’s Facebook page either
  11. Claire Christian has been pushing this and challenged directly in HOK and Tynwald woth questions and solutions to allow for medicinal cannabis to be prescribed in island. Ashford stated he was ‘personally in favour’ but it wasn’t a priority - Christian has been tenacious and supportive but keeps hitting a brick wall.
  12. There are very few large corporations here that will be impacted by this. It’s a non issue for the Island
  13. Why do the gov have to fix everything?
  14. It’s for council. Not keys.
  15. Has Clanton pulled out? Literally nothing from His Majesty for months since he declared.
  16. Julie you don’t actually expect honest comments or a serious challenge on here do you 😂😂
  17. I mean, fuck me - I know absolutely nothing in this forum means anything in the real world, and most people here are cowards who would not have the balls to say anything to people’s actual faces - but did you just compare 2 IOM MHKs to serial killers who have actually murdered multiple people’s family members? Thats a new low.
  18. I like this guy. I’m sure he’s done more than most people think - remember each person is 1 in 24. I like his blogs - he works hard and I know a good few people in Onchan he’s helped with various things.
  19. I don’t thing it’s enforceable. I think the real answer to this is substance requirements, FATCA and CRS - which is already in place.
  20. I’ve done mine. Wasn’t hard. Took 20 mins. You all need to chill.
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