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  1. As much as you think it’s very important... I doubt if an election has been or ever will be won or lost on Manx forums 😂😂😂
  2. I’m just a bystander here - but if you want my 2p. Spend far less time trying to educate or win over the muppets on this forum, and get out amongst the people of Middle
  3. You can ring and do it over the phone.
  4. Sending out a 6 or 8 page document to fill in to every house is incredibly expensive and bad for the environment. You can request a form or even do the census over the phone. My MHK has offered to drop forms to people who aren’t online. I think it’s smart and ecologically and cost effective.
  5. Nope. They are in https://www.gov.im/media/1371853/guidance-for-candidates-general-election-2021-300421-v2.pdf
  6. New rules - all spending in the 12 months prior to the election must be declared apparently.
  7. Christian and Quine did the whole of Douglas south in six weeks while others said it was too hard and couldn’t be done. Hence they were rightly elected. Where there’s a will...
  8. Robertshaw has stated he’s not standing. I’m sure barber will stand.
  9. Didn’t Corlett declare to Paul Moulton the other day?
  10. Can we always refer to him as ‘His Majesty’ just to remind everyone that he is a self appointed monarch. 😂
  11. Quine and Christian will get back in.
  12. I think he got more votes that Quale so he’s the ‘senior member’ someone told me that’s how they sit in HOK and Tynwald. The one with most votes gets the front seat.
  13. I recon Christian and Quine have done well in the last 6 months and they’ll both get back in.
  14. Zero pay and zero expenses from the government link.
  15. I think Quine will get back in as well. He’s a local lad done good and has been pretty good supporting constituents by all accounts.
  16. He stated in his Paul Moulton interview on the 17th that he won’t provide one - and he said that before he was invited to PAC to give evidence . Utterly shocking.
  17. According to the link on Gef, unpaid. No expenses.
  18. I love this forum ‘this government is shit and requires oversight’ who are these clowns who think the can advise and give oversight to our government. I bet they are shit... ha ha ha ha.
  19. Just saw on Gef - apparently Ashey confirmed Glover has been appointed to the new EAG
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