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  1. Currently seeking permission to move wrighty and BenFairfax to their own thread "COVID discussed needlessly complicated for the IOM situation with stupid numbers and forecasts" because to be completely honest I. AM. FUCKING. BORED. More so Fairfax boring me rather than wrighty, as he makes some fantastic points regularly. This Fairfax kid speaks extremely clever when it comes to numbers. But then when he tries to make a point using...you know...WORDS AND LITERACY. He sounds like an absolute plantpot.
  2. I unequivocally agree with you. I'm just following the divisive Manx Forums Nom De Plume trend.
  3. *DOOM AND GLOOM ALERT* Not so sure about that. To me the briefing yesterday forebodes to me the potential of some heavy restrictions coming back. Noble's Hospital are already categorically hopeless before potential COVID pressures kick back. I think the Council of Shitisters are very red-cheeked with their brown undies. They know they may just have to go back and their word and lock us all up like battery chickens again. Not what I want, but unfortunately think that may be the truth. At least the Farcebook Karen's will be happy.
  4. Jesus christ almighty, I would suggest you bring a spare mask...in case you get a hole-in-one. Hope you have a tee-riffic day. Don't go poisoning members of the public with your par-right views. Don't foreget to social distance. No ifs, ands or putts. Thanks Nom, and have a great day tiger.
  5. Just called the Cabinet Office to obtain figures via force. 762 new cases. 1,847 Active Cases 12 in hospital 32 in ICU. ..... Although they did confirm that Tim Baker MHK has calculated the figures today, therefore I would take these as a pinch of salt and await official confirmation.
  6. Ah, the infamous Nom de pube. Philanthropist, social justice warrior, PHD in medicine & social science. and an illustrious cyber security expert. The cocktail of perfection.
  7. One can't help but think the collapse of the COVID dashboard is foreboding the impending doom of our healthcare system.
  8. Must be the small man syndrome ego complex preventing that from happening. At least he doesn't have an infuriating little smirk............ .... oh wait.
  9. Also can I just make one more point. Tim Baker is a better politician than Howard Quayle. Hear...me...out. Manx Radio make one heavy handed comment towards Howard and he spits the fucking dummy and throws all the toys out the pram, meanwhile... Baker has been getting a hammering from Manx Radio and the Island's press/Social Media for YEARS and he's still a smirky little tw*t and doesn't cry about it.
  10. That's not that bad. What about the people that have a dig for a brown nugget itch through their 20 year old Puma trackie bottoms, proceed to give the fingers a sniff, and then go about their business fruit shopping. Never thought of that did you? I'd say nose scratching is the lesser of two evils.
  11. Nice draft, but I have already been leaked the actual, official, carefully considered transcript for Howard Stale's literacy reading lesson for this afternoon. It is as follows : *cue Star Wars intro music and scrolling text* "Good afternoon everyone fastyr mie. I’ve always said that Manx Radio are meanies. From one minute past midnight tomorrow, our glorious Island will be following 'English-Comeover' solutions for Manx problems. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve needed not-so-fast, not-so-decisive and not-so-clear action to tackle outbreaks of COVID-19 on our shores. We also strive to continue gambling the health and long-term health of our Island's students. With the Council of Helmets, we have decided the time is right to go back to our roots. With this, we are moving into the 'not-a-fucking-clue' phase of our piss poor pandemic response. A true English solution, where we can take our time, and still beam my fugly face struggling to read primary school level literacy onto thousands of screens. As part of our dedicated, fast-action response. I am also pleased to confirm my best buddies in the Council of Sinisters, all met for an informal coffee in the NSC last Saturday, witnessed by members of the public. After my quick shag with Dr Allinson in the ground floor toilets, we unanimously voted, to take effect from midnight tonight, Manx Radio will have their broadcasting license revoked on the grounds of being super poopy meanie heads!. We won’t be taking questions from the media today, we don’t like Manx Radio, they were mean to me, and I don’t want to give the rest of them a chance. Also, I do not want any more questions from those pesky women in Tynwald! Thank you, stay safe (apart from your kids) and please send letters to the queen to expedite my knighthood before I kill hundreds of innocent children by proxy. And finally, to leave the Manx public with a brilliant image during this mediocre heatwave, take a moment to imagine my big sweaty bald head on the bog. A truly inspirational image for all you gravy-train inspired politicians out there.
  12. As have I. Not that it's a bad thing for HSBC. COVID is the perfect excuse for the "community driven" banks to slowly begin to suffocate the life out of their "community" facilities. How will poor old Doris deposit the cheque her friend wrote her? That cheque was the membership fee to join the Howard Quayle Fan Club. Awful times.
  13. Any proof? Where did you get this info from if you can say? not being arsey just genuinely wondering!
  14. This comment aged flawlessly.
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