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  1. Looking at the way the business is heading with lockdown heading towards April/May I started to look at DLGS with a view to seeing what I can get. Government "...The agreement was originally intended to close on 31st March 2021, however it will now be extended for a further period and remains open for applications..." Banks "... In preparation for the withdrawal of The Scheme, applications from businesses will no longer be accepted after Monday 22nd March 2021." Guess no-one in Government thought to let the banks know then?
  2. And the other beds in ICU? They are what? Magically empty somehow? That is 5 on top of other regular cases. You volunteering you and your loved ones to catch it so we can keep the hospital 'busy enough'? Go ahead.
  3. You do recall a worker was killed out there in a similar incident a few years ago.
  4. Comes under permitted development probably if it's not just refurbishment or expansion of taxiways.
  5. Not saying you do but if you make that choice then get a warning would you continue?
  6. I'm trying to be pragmatic. Cost of at least one incident every year on average and the risks to the rescuers as well as the victims and some fencing and its maintenance. Although you could argue it's good training for the rescue services I suppose? After all we put lifebelts around the harbours and lakes and reservoirs to save lives and defibrillators. How many times a year are they used?
  7. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Everytime we come up with an excuse for an exception to a simple rule, ten more spring up and like Jenga at some point the whole thing collapses. The longer people insist on their rights to do whatever they feel like f*cking doing druing a pandemic, the longer the lockdown will last because, yes the risk is probably minimal but, multiply it by 20 or 30 going home to 2 or 3 others there, and then on to their work, shops etc. The rules are there to protect us, all of us, even these selfish pricks who can't wait a few weeks (probably) to be able to do as they wis
  8. But under the current rules it is not permitted. Sad but thats it. Might not like it but they will only continue longer if numptys don't accept it. And basically posting on social media that you are going to break the rules again the day after you knew it was against the rules is being a numpty. Social distancing is not to allow people to gather in groups for social events but to minimise the risk for those engaged in essential shopping, appointments or out exercising. Likewise masks are there to reduce the risk for you and others. Those are a choice except where the employer would have
  9. Because they don't understand it. Do a few courses to get your green credentials and spout the buzzwords but no-one seems to have a grasp of how to do whole life costs, end of life environmental costs (look a nuclear power as an example), measured data from installations as opposed to manufacturers sales pitch. No-one wants to hear things like tried and tested. That’s too easy and boring. Let the private sector be the early adopters and pay for the development. Wait 2 or 3 years until the market is competitive and more mature. Look for generic systems and not technology that handcuffs you
  10. But even then, how long for? 10 years ought to be about the limit on commercial confidentiality. Turn over some rocks while the key players are still around. Look at the rush to get horse trams shoved in at the last minute before elections, because they damn well know the Great Manx Public might just say 'Piss off'. I did chuckle when Nice but Dim Baker used the 'poor businesses' on the prom as justification, like it was the trunp card they had been holding on to all along. Works to start in November on the section of road that, I don't know maybe, Christmas shioppers might want to
  11. Welcome to the 21st century, I before we. The problem with common sense is that it's not so common after all.
  12. And where would the numbers in hospital be by now if we hadn't? 2,000-3,000 cases? 30-40-50 in hospital and 10-20 in ICU? As far as I can see it’s never been about eliminating it, we've had centuries with flu and never managed it. It was about the rapidity of the spread of this virus and the old phrase flattening the curve. Protecting people from the worst consequences (i.e., ending up in hospital and ICU) when there were not enough resources to give them the treatment needed. Yes, treatments are better, yes more people have some form of immunity but the hospital still has a finite capac
  13. Trouble is how do you stop idiots going into a workplace when they have known symptoms? And why have we not herd anyone being arrested for it? Oh probably because they work in finance or a law office. Or public sector. So we have rules/gudiance/laws (seems to vary from day to day somehow) and highly variable application which I often suspect is down to attitude at the time the police approach you. And then we have well intentioned maybe, self-appointed healers and shamanics wanting to feel better and frankly gather a following of sorts which at any other time would be dismissed as hi
  14. Delusion is also a mental state that begins with D.
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