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  1. I'd suggest if you want an example of true Manx english ~ Costains Scrap Metal ad on MR
  2. You mean the route of the old Peel to Douglas railway line? Oh no, thats far too sensible. Also whats wrong with pedestrian underpasses on main arterial routes? They can be cut and shut.
  3. Charirites must submit annual accounts, I beleive they can be obtained from the AG at charities@gov.im along with other registered information. But don't quote me. At this point it's not available online as other forms of company are (some free and some are charged a fee) but according to the gov website this is coming. Publishing individual names and salaries probably falls foul of GDPR requirements for any organistaion to protect personal data.
  4. Rumour I've heard from several sources : Works were undertaken too early (for political reasons) as investigation of exisitng services were nowhere near completed, so you had utilities trying to fire fight decades of ad hoc works as they were discovered which in turn delayed works in certain areas whilst being rectified. So then the project spread out in the hunt for works they could do in the meantime in a vain attemtp to keep to a program so the whole project ended up as a dogs dinner. We had insituform working on sewer lining for years with small areas of disruption. The utility investigation & prep works could have been run alongsdie that. Then split the job into stages, Sea Terminal to Gaeity, Gaeity to Broadway, Broadway to Palace and Palace to Strathallan. That way if time and money ran out, the core of the workd could be done and honestly north of Broadway could have been just tarmaced. The vast majority of properties along there are private residences and are never going back to tourism. Over ambitious amateurs bit off more than they could chew and no-one had the balls to call a stop and turn it around. Just double down with tax payers money and thank the fates for the mother of all excuses .... Covid with a side order of climate change.
  5. So in a few years, they'll be pulling out nests and dead birds. This replaces the ridiculous stumpy giant victorian lamposts that lived there before. Hopefully this will be high enough to stop the waft of raw sewage on the multimillion pound public fun space. I suspect it's is destined for an accident with a maintenance vehicle at some point in the future. Let's hope the stainless steel is of the right grade for a marine environemnt as well as the rivets... or it'll end up looking like a leaky sewage pipe with brown stains.
  6. Don't forget how much security has changed since that was built. CAA and others dictate those rules. No compliance = no flights. Classic Red Queen situation ~ you have to run just to stay where you are. Stop and you die. Or in this case slowly wither away.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58021450 Ah here we go. I love the way everyone always cites Holland an almost flat country where thay have had a 40 year drive to cyclize (made up word) the nation. The biggest advantage being the majority of drivers are also cyclists so have an inherent understanding from the cyclists point of view of how it works. Not to mention the canal networks and public transport. No doubt Black et als wet dream (though you never actually see them emerge from the bunker to deliver any sort of coherent policy or plan). Don't get me wrong. I think active travel is a wonderful idea. I walk as much as I can to shops, to meet friends for coffee or around town. However, sometimes urgency, carrying capacity, location or distance dictates mechanical assitance but mostly its the inclement and changeable weather. Also running famly members who no longer drive or have mobility issues to various appointments etc. In most cases, even if I did cycle, it wouldn't be practical. But the kicker is I don't see public transport as a realistic alternative either. First of all, is there one modern bus station anywhere on the network? Or an app like TfL so you can plan your journey in advance (something I did all the time for meeting in London where you could get get a mix of modes to determine what was best option on the day. So when I arrived at a stop or train station I knew exactly which number bus and when to expect it, or if I could walk a street over to another route to save 20 min). For me, the ideal would be something like Oxford park and ride. Say in Douglas you follow a roughly orbital route from John Wattersons, Governors to Onchan roundabout down Summerhill onto the Prom, (turn front car park of Sea Terminal into a bus terminus) over the bridge along old Castletown Road up to Anagh Coar, Vicarage Road, Braddan Bridge, and back over Tromode. So you run two orbital bus routes, one in each direction which pick up satellite car parks for park and ride. One opposite the Cat with No Tail, one alongside the new Test Centre, etc. You then stitch these together with spokes (shuttle back and forth with request and fixed stops) from Johhny Wattersone via Governors, Victoria Road to Bucks Road, to Sea Terminal and back. You get the idea. Run smaller buses on the basis that there is always a bus at each P&R which departs when full or the next one arrives. Peak times add extras as needed. And you pay for both all day parking (with CCTV, lighting and security) and a zone ticket for the day to allow you as many journeys as you want on the primary route to town centre. But that would take vision, an actual plan and a level of clarity and communication which seems beyond the current service providers.
  8. I find that statement repulsive. Obviously our opinions are poles apart and would generate a lot of energy if we could only find a conductor willing to move in the middle.
  9. Probably locations for all of the new signage translating the crayonista road markings into recognisable standard Highway Code signs and road markings. Have you ever noticed not one of the designers has come forward before or after the event to say "Hey, look at this design, isn't it cool and here is why...." Much in the same way as whoever was responsible for the design of the non-standard crossing at St Johns never came forward to defend it. They are standard for a reason. I can imagine theee will be leaflets on the ferry for all visitng drivers to explain how to navigate Trumpton/Legotown highway.
  10. Or how about spending the money on medical procedures delayed because of Covid, because I'm sure no-one will have saved any money not expended on those procedures over the last 18+ months.
  11. Probably because a daily commute to London isn't in the Active Travel plan. Nor is it exactly part of the five-year climate change plan. At least not until we have electric aircraft.
  12. Or maybe the two guys are there to ensure no seagulls are harmed during the operation of the digger bucket... you know because you can't sack idiots only legislate for them. Never mind the Beaman report will sort it out.
  13. How f*cking heavy is a brick pavior that you need a mechanical excavator to lift them up, or is that to level the sand beneath it. Not a single hand tool in sight, like a level, a mallet or a spade. Not even an attempt to stack the bricks and two men to watch? You can tell it's only public money eh?
  14. Only daylight you shy away from then is it David? 😋
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