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  1. Time to ban them from the island games or ever hosting it.
  2. It'll be intersting to see what happens to bike sales if they get the GPS speed restrictors that will no doubt be coming down the line for other vehicles. If they ever get self-driving cars on the road I wonder how long it'll be before drivers become obsolete? After all if the automated vehicles can co-ordinate and share data about traffic and road conditions live, significantly reduce road accidents across the board it would be hard to justify any human operators except for emergency services. The mountian road would benefit from a couple of crawler lanes either end. One coming up from the gooseneck and one up from the Creg, to allow safe overtaking of excessively slow vehicles. Similar to the ones on Richmond hill and outside the cat sanctuary.
  3. Maybe bioris isn't so mad with his Irish Sea tunnel idea😏
  4. I was going to say it'd be the typical hot potato and therefore no-one would even look at formalising the position of no speed limit. The "it has always been like that" defence. I'd be curious to know if there are any reviews carried out by the DoI at all, on the basis of each serious incident (i.e. damage to property, vehicles and occupants) seperate to the legal side. Surely sites like the hairpin where there are almost monthly incidents better signage and possibly a speed advisory (like Windy and the Creg) is the least that should happen. Heck even the 'accident black spot' warning, if they even exist any more. Do those responsible for the damage pay for the repair of the wall or even report it? I don't think I've ever seen it reported in the paper. The risk is one day someone else is going to be coming uphill on that bend, or walking behind the wall when this happens and then it'll be too late to fix it.
  5. I accept part of driving will always be about the unusual circumstance from historic or site constraints but when you have a space that has been designed and fundamentally altered on a primary route within in the largest town, it would have been nice if our civil servants could have spent a bit of the advertising budget on a few public service announcements, demonstrating how the space is meant to work. That way you can educate yourself, be a bit more confident and avoid unnecessary conflict and most hopefully any accidents. As for the legal part, even guidance is some sort of defence in situation where there is a case to answer. At least mitigation that you tried to do the right thing. I'd image the worst defense is "Well I thought..." I suspect if this continues to be an issue coming into winter months and saturday nights, we'll have to see pedestrian barriers popping up. I also hope there is CCTV in place to both give the DoI actual feedback (i.e. is it working as intended) and, god forbid in the worst case, independent evidence. One thing I always try assume is that not every pedestrian, cyclist or mobility scooter user (or other drvers) is familair with the highway code. Or local or pyschic. It's just the little things like always indicating a lane change or turn, even if there are no other vehicles about. Because it'll be that one time when you didn't see them that it might save someones life.
  6. That's a bit macabre. The MHK with Two Brains or does she keep it in a pickle jar?
  7. Particularly like the flood light pointing directly at the crossing point.. hopefully that is temporary
  8. Erm... isn't that the very definition of illegal? I stand to be corrected with an example of something that is neither legal nor illegal.
  9. There is actaully a DoI document. One which they completely ignored for the Kirk Michael blood clot crossing. They literally made up thier own rules and can't follow them. This is not rocket science. https://www.gov.im/media/1368674/pedestrian-crossings-guidance-document.pdf he Zebra Pedestrian Crossings Regulations 1972, and subsequent amendments in 1990 and 1996, describe how zebra crossings must be designed and used.
  10. And yet she still dances with him, go figure.
  11. Consequences ==> Baker wasn't voted out because of the poison chalice of the prom or other DoI projects but because it exposed his true arrogance and contempt for those he serves over a prolonged period trying to defend the indefensible. e.g. red zebra crossings, trying to kill seagulls with a digger, shrodingers roundels ~ a roundabout not a roundabout, £million on bridges for walkers and cyclists, overgrown footpaths greeting our returning tourists, miles of atrocious roads with more potholes than a ginger kid has freckles while perfectly servicable roads are rebuilt from the bedrock. Not once did he give the appearance of getting a grip on any of that nonsense.
  12. The CM should be a seperate and concurrent election for the whole island. That way you are voting for policies they have to espouse up front. You vote MHK's in as your local reperesentative. And a candidate cannot stand for both positions. So the likes of Allinson etc. would need to choose and then campaign on local or national level and we actually get a choice of the direction we want to go in the next 5 years. Right now we will be in limbo for another month at least before they even start on reforming or keeping policies at a time when there are critical isues to be sorted. For example gas pricing, rising fuel costs, NI insurance increase or not, which will all impact the economy before Christmas. At least with a CM elected with the new HOK, they could hit the ground running from day one. When is the CM vote?
  13. Probably be a duty free shop once direct flights to Europe begin?
  14. Profit is the reward for risk and loss is the punishment. When governments, i.e. the tax payer, bails out any private company, be it a bank, a utility etc. then the risk is removed. Why not do as the banks do with mortgages, i.e. the government loans the gas company (in this case) enough money to sustain through the crisis at the lowest rate government can get for a 100% lien on the company and all of it's assets until it is repaid. There are no dividends or bonuses until the debt is repaid in full and the lien is lifted. No golden parachutes. Even the pension funds are frozen. That would incentivise the company as they would all have skin in the game then. If shareholders don't like it they can sell at below market rate or hang on in there, if they believe the long term fundamentals are sound and the company can recover. Worst case the government gets the business for the cost of what it was already willing to do, i.e. cover the debt of the company. They can then sell it on as is or auction it off.
  15. prominent member conjures up the right mental image
  16. Lovely set of mutton chops and monobrow. Wonder who the artist is?
  17. Don't they get a % bonus if they own all of the same type like Monopoly? http://monopoly.cdbpdx.com/1509312a/tn-250_Mon_1935_1509312_TD-UT.JPG
  18. That is the idea though isn't it? A never ending list of grievances that is always someone elses fault. No-one apperas to see the irony of labelling all white people racist because of what their ancestors did. Literally attributing a single monolithic mindset to an entire race of people based on their skin colour and not as individuals. Demonising and dehumanising people who do not hold the same worl view as you do is never going to resolve anyhting, it only leads to conflict. Again a never ending hunt for proof of your position while ignoraing anyhting that foesn't fit your narrative. Of course, when most sensiible people ignore them and stop engagaing in the 'debate' then they turn on themselves eventually.
  19. Apparently RML are commisoniung a 6 month marine impact survey, spinning the project 90 degrees, leaving 7 hectares of beach and not the 12 previously mooted as a public amenity. You already know the result of the impact study will be along the lines of lets build a few artifical reefs out of junk to make up for the environmental damage. I wonder if in years to come we will have to bulldoze sea weed off the beach, import sand to replace sand lost every winter on the postage stamp beach to tidal action while dredging the harbour entrance every 3-6 months and relocating the lifeboat station. I hope they have a lot of public green space in the plan for the dog walkers. Apparently 200-300 jobs and £300 million p.a. benefits.
  20. I can't wait for the naming contest. Let the games begin. Based on the first words thatb spang to mind ... "WTF!" subtitle "..is that meant to be?" Maybe some birdshit will improve it.
  21. Anyone want to bet that our new government will negotiate a better gas deal with Manx gas right as the price peaks. Sure MG will love that.
  22. Consultants Following a commitment to the people of Ramsey, the Advisory Flood Group supported by specialist consultants JBA Consulting have assessed the flood risk and developed different design concept for three different areas on Ramsey Coast: Ramsey Queens Promenade, Ramsey North Promenade and the area between The Vollan and Dog Mills. https://iomfloodhub.im/media/1181/typical_section_ramsey_south_opt_a.pdf https://iomfloodhub.im/media/1182/typical_section_ramsey_south_opt_b.pdf https://iomfloodhub.im/media/1169/ga_ramsey_south.pdf Basically kill the beach with concrete by the looks of it. IMHO
  23. I'm expecting some anorexic young lady, 'spirit of the arts' type thing who will bring howls of protest about unrealistic body types, fatism and mysoginy from the woke brigade. Probabaly BLM too if she's not obvioulsy ethnic in some way, though that might back fire if it's too sterotypical. But then I'm a cynic. Hopefully it will go unremarked after a few days of comments, like the Bee Gees and not a national joke. Fingers crossed.
  24. Ah so the DoI are going to wait another 5 years to save Ramsey, still plenty of time to build the marina I guess. Well apart from a few gates and the harbour. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-58625497
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