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  1. Doesn't mean it can't be calculated. Trouble is they might not like the answer.
  2. The whole point of the green agenda is "It's not economically viable so we'll legislate to make you do it and damn the cost and consequences". And it is sold to the politico's as "you can say you are saving the planet" without having to prove it. Net zero does not mean we don't produce any CO2 but that any CO2 we do produce (based on some criteria that presumably excludes resperation and focuses on energy use and production) is negated by taking the CO2 out of circulation by carbon capture/recyling. What it will mean is in order to acheive this on (recycled) paper (with lots of fanfare and back patting) we will buy carbon credits at great expense (coz we've signed up to a treaty to get net zero and it would be very very bad if we didn't keep our promise that no-one voted for) to plant a tree in some far distant land (allegedly) with lots of middle men and brokers in between taking a cut. How many times can you sell the same tree I wonder? A beautiful scam. Fudge a few numbers hear and there and all will be good. Human greed will find a way. At this stage I don't think it is global warming that will get us but plain stupidity and gullibility. It'll certainly is going to make everyone but the elite poorer and lower the standard of living.
  3. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/politics/film-fund-wrote-off-ps27m-222674 £27m write-off a mirage then?
  4. Guess we've reached the bottom of the barrel then.
  5. Don't foget gas. And the windfarms that will blockade us. it does require some political will, effort, bravery and imagination. How about skill, experience and competence? Look where Pinewood and the Manx Hollywood got us. Geriatirc tourism won't last as that seems to be based on the return of northerners who used to come for family holidays in the heyday. They will fade away as the Costa holiday brigade replace them. Maybe we could fill all our hotels year round with no advertising at the UK taxpayers expense like Skegness.
  6. The billing system is screwed I've had one estimated that was double usual bill and then two subsequent bills for under £10, not even sure it covered the standing charges. If the new system is that bad, their cashflow must be screwed and if they don't sort it out soon, they could be insolvent. Which might be a very good reason to hide the figures from MUA right now and hope they can straighten it out.
  7. If they were that committed to planning to operate it with a good profit, they certainly would be seeing how much they can cream out of the Manx taxpayer.
  8. Of course with the way things are going in the UK, IOMG can now afford to freeze tax thresholds and put up base rates (IOM will still be more favourable than UK) to pay for all the public sector pay rises, thus clawing back some of this pay rise over the next few years anyway.
  9. Could always ask the genius who came up with the greatest Manx tourism slogan "You'll look forward to going back". "Wotta U Want?" Italian maybe "M.N.X " a la 2 Ronnies sketch "Spudz 'n Herrin"
  10. "In a Facebook post, it says "don't accept the rip off - our lawyers won't either". Ouch
  11. Hardly suprising Irish GDP per capita is double that of UK. While average wage is comparable this means Ireland has a more productive workforce which is likely down to it's redevelopment with EU grants into the tech sector. A lot more opportunities for younger generation to stay and earn a decent living than emigrate into lower tier jobs. Much like McCranky, they kept having referendums until they voted the right way Treaty of Nice 2001 (rejected), Treaty of Nice 2002 (approved), Lisbon Treaty 2008 (rejected) and Lisobon Treaty 2009 (approved). Though to be fair they've had a lot of referendums on domestic stuff like marriage, divorce and blasphemy.
  12. Are brownfield car park sites charged rates at all as there is no building on them? If not, maybe its time to change it, the current rates sytem was set up in 1953. Maybe give them a one year holiday from the demoliton order coming into effect and then charge them 10%. That might sharpen minds and see some of the bomb site eyesores get moving. Seems unfair that an area can be blighted by these dumps and yet neighbouring properties are expected to pay full rates still.
  13. How they always bury inconvenient truths... wait until some crisis/disaster/tragedy grips the news headlines for two or three days and issue a press release. The memo from Jo Moore, who was also Mr Byers' adviser at the Department of Industry, was sent as email within half an hour of the second plane hitting the twin towers in New York on September 11. Dated 14.56pm, the memo, revealed last night, says: "It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury." It was sent to Alun Evans, the department's head of information, and to Robin Mortimer, a private secretary in the department. Mr Evans was serving out his notice, having been sacked by Mr Byers, and has since left. This is how they operate. Always. It's only when someone screws up and it is leaked that we get to hear about it. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist ~ Usual Suspects (1995) You can see their contempt for us plebs in the way we are railroaded into the green agenda. And still they try to wriggle out of the Brexit referendum 6 years later and look at wee McCranky.... "we'll keep having referendums until we get the answer we want." 8 years later
  14. Away to join the other loud obnoxious short one in Scotland, if memory serves me correctly. Must be a good gig to have what is it now? 6 branches on island.
  15. So are members of the commissioners also running the charitable trust? Isn't that a conflict of interest? Cushty.
  16. Grifters got to grift. And don't forget, in this case, this person is someone who is a life peer who is part of an institution who is, theoretically, responsible for scrutinising the laws to be passed in the nation. To quote the UK Parliament website make laws check and challenge the actions of the government, and provide a forum of independent expertise So the fox is guarding the hen house, but that is almost always the way. And no matter the outcome of any allegations, investigations, comittees and enquiries, ain't nobody going to go to gaol for this. It'll be a slap on the wrist and 'next time don't be so stupid as to get caught'.
  17. A lot depends on how many teachers are in this 5th union, seems like there are enough to close some schools at least. Not sure why this isn't done on collective bargaining, i.e. all unions get the same deal and if a majority of members voting accept it then that is the deal. Otherwise, how are we not going to end up with teachers in the same pay grade but different unions being paid differently? Or is it a case that whatever the 5th union 'wins' will automatically be applied to the other 4 unions teachers too? I trust at least the non-striking teachers will be attending schools to work, even if closed to pupils as per their contracts.
  18. Oh, they will find a way. It might not be a direct in your face, but I'm sure there will be a sports grant or green fund grant sitting on a proverbial shelf somewhere collecting dust.
  19. Doubt it with such easy marks who have no choice but to drive through. In fact a Manx reg will be charged extra because of the CO2/NO from the boats. So hope the new ferry is at least hybrid electric so we can eliminate that while at the dock. Turns out it is. 4 diesel engines (most efficent ones in the world according to Guiness World Records) with electric final drives. The highly efficient generators sets will feed electric final drives, coupled to highly efficient propellors to ensure a vibration free crossing. Any excess electricity generated will be stored by the vessel’s on board batteries, which will be used during periods of higher demand, or while the vessel is alongside in port to reduce emissions. Could be handy in future if the batteries run low, they could stop off anywhere in the windfarms and plug in for a top-up or run an over head line like the trams. Hopefully, the batteries are good old lead acid and not lithium or we'll be looking for a few million when it comes time to replace them too.
  20. At a guess, this was a cute way for KWC to get a new pool on their doorstep subsidised by the public. I could well imagine some sort of preferencial treatment in the scheduling for KWC pupils, whilst charging prohibitive rates to local organisations and certainly keep the local riff-raff out.
  21. Didn't the peel quay go thorough planning? Surely, like Ramsey did, the locals could have raised their objections then? Waiting until the job is well started, a month or maybe two by now, is a little late. First of all any delays or changes will automatically require the contractor to be compensated as it would be fair and also written into the contract. Or is this a case of the Hitchhikers Guide where the plans were posted in a flooded unlit basement with no staircase in the Peel Commisioners HQ?
  22. No need thats what the private jets are for
  23. Have they rebranded everything yet? Won't it now be Douglas City Council?
  24. Not to mention potholes and water hazards (blocked drains) and speed hump/pedestrian crossings. Noticed one parking space never seems to be big enough for them either.
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