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  1. By that logic, anyone who didn't vote for the current government shouldn't get welfare, pay taxes or use any government services. You vote, you lose and then spend the next decade whining about it. It's nearly 2022 and still remoaning Maybe this isn't just all about the wages but also the conditions? Not every business in hospitality is struggling, not evey pub is close to closing. It could be like getting out of a toxic relationship... when you are in it (despite what everyrone else is saying) it is is hard to leave but after an enforced break with room to breathe you see it for what it was and realise you can do so much better.
  2. So basically the taxpayer is subsidising gas customers. Not sure that is in the spirit of zero carbon now is it? Surely the green logic is to let CO2 sinners price themselves so high that expensive renewables start to look economic. Extinction Rebellion seem awfully quiet as do the other greenies. Surely they should be out protesting the IOMG favouring evil gas suppliers.
  3. Wonder what the waranty and parts availability is like? Or will we need to fly in technicians from USA everytime things go wrong.
  4. No, just when they manage to roll them over now and again
  5. Assuming they will pass on the saving to the customers. Presume there is some sort of guarentee consumers and not shareholders will see all of the benefit? Which is odd considering this is the government that just argued against reducing air passenger duty in line with the UK because the airlines wouldn't pass it on. Considering MG were already moaning about another rise in prices recently, is this how the government is ensuring MG get their 10% profit by the back door me wonders.
  6. South Africa data shows cases had a sharp rise and and a sharp fall but with far fewer hospitalisations. Omicron seems to strike in the upper airways rather than down in the lungs so although more virulant/transmissable it has far less complications/severity. The hope is Omicron seems to push out Delta in effect and could be a natural innoculation. Herd immunity at last.
  7. So if you get a bit of a sore throat, sneeze, cough, a bit achy or tired or some other 'symptom' you're supposed to do a LTF? If it's positive you are then meant to self-report on some website and self-isolate for 10 days or keep testing until you get two succesive negative tests with a minimum of 24 hours between them. And any household members are allowed out and about, so long as they test negative? So if you choose to ignore the symptoms and don't feel a test is necesary nor self isolate then that's it? They really do want it to quietly disappear. In the New Year we'll get a few pulling sickies to extend their hols on sick pay while they quietly wind down the mask mandates, shops will begin removing the screens and it'll all be over by Easter. Then we'll have to pick up the peices while watching the figures rise for excess deaths from all other causes over the next few years as the NHS struggle to deal with the backlog and mental health implications and annual flu & booster vaccines. Until the next one.
  8. It's too risky becasue no-one wants to self-isolate for 10 days over holiday period with a positive test for something that might not even present symptoms. As most employers would insist staff take an LFT test before the gathering because they are being responsible/ass covering. Even if you lose your deposit, it is far cheaper than having half your staff self-isolating and presumably claiming sick-pay to comply with the government mandate. Maybe we just stop testing altogether and just let healthcare deal with it like every other winter spike. In fact they are probabaly better prepared than they have ever been with multi-vaccinated staff and public, new oxygen plant and hygiene protocols and supplies in place.
  9. So where is the help meant to come from? If nothing else IOMG should cut all the virtue signalling projects before borrowing more money to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.
  10. Simples. Pay freeze for 2 years at IOMG and same with all department budgets. Hiring freeze too. No government jollies off island ~ go green (see if they practise what they preach) and use video calls only. Same with all non-essential works.. i.e. £2m bridges or any other 'heritage' projects that are not about preservation (i.e. horse tram lines on prom with £1m traffic lights). Get the potholes fixed first. Over those two years, reset all department budgets to basic services & maintenance. Then lower capital project budget going forward by 20-30% minimum. Oh and bin off DBC, let them sink or swim on their own rates. No more cheap government loans. If they can afford £10,000's for statues they can pay their own way. Time to prune the government cash tree after the biggest upheaval since WWII. Otherwise, we'll watch taxes and other charges spiral to cover declining revenue as more and more businesses and households struggle with soaring inflation. The private sector lost lots of revenue and reserves they'll never see again so time for our IOMG to share the burden. Latest announcement shows they just want covid to go away now and return to business as usual, leaving the tax payer to pick up the pieces. If one was cynical, suggest the LFT only is about closing the Grandstand site to allow them to start work on the TT preperations. Hoping we'll conveniently forget all of the f* up's they allowed to happen. Time to share the pain I say.
  11. So what is your stance on other drugs then? If you are pro-smoker, how about pro-heroine or pro-cocaine? What about glue sniffing? Why not lower the age for alcohol to 16, after all they old enough to drive and vote, why not drink too? What are the benefits of smoking?
  12. I heard our glorious leader on the radio call the new variant - Oh..micron. Maybe it is a small problem then?
  13. Ah the salesman saw him coming a mile off.... because if that is true, they are non-standard and will come at a premium cost. Not only that but in years to come any replacemnet will also be a special. But best of all the supplier will be free from any liability for the design of a non-standard product. I seem to recall they had issues with drains on Peel Road didn't they? https://www.isleofman.com/News/details/64462/company-defends-reputation-on-peel-road-work Not a good look for the Department of Infrastructure who will no doubt blame the contractor. Again. DoI Book of Excuses It was the contractor It was the weather It was the climate change It was the currency exchange rate It was the new regulations It was the bigger planes It was my predecessors fault It was the publics high expectation It was complicated It was unprecidented It was the voids (even though we didn't find any) It was a miscommunication It was a systemic fault It was a unique situation that required a unique solution It was the TT It was the pandemic (new entry) It was the new boat (new entry) It was the Hitler It was cheaper to buy it from Turkey It was cheaper to buy it second hand from America It was cheaper to buy it second hand from Liverpool City Council Any or all of the above
  14. A great way to bust a joint in the drain [insert your own cannabis joke here] , creating problems long term as debris will get trapped in broken sections, increase the risk of leaks into the substrate and washing out the sand. And the sand will need to be cleaned out frequently because it acts as a filter, trapping any other particulates and if left too long these can bind to form a solid mass [insert your own laxative joke here]. Seen it happen with poorly drained cable ducts in marine environments where sand and sediment accumulates and sets like cement. The prom will truly be the never ending project. Move over flumes.
  15. "The government has reached an agreement to sell the current test centre site in Tromode to Swagelok. A deposit has been paid, but the sale is still subject to conditions such as the granting of planning permission." http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=64751&headline=New plans for the test centre&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021 So basically the sale is contigent on the government giving planning permission to their preferred buyer and of course the price is 'commercially sensitive'. Presumably all greenlit by the AG's office, Treasury and the divesting process and above board so no need to tender, auction or otherwise seek the best price on an open market.
  16. Does it really matter? Surely no-one thinks smoking is anything but an anachronism that is dying out quite literally. Just keep raising the duty above inflation year on year, keep imposing more restrictions on who can sell them. Maybe introduce a tobacco license (like an alcohol license) that can be removed or suspended if proven they sold to anyone underage. Start restricting nicotene content, start going after some of the additives they use to make tobacco burn better if they can be connected to adverse health outcomes. Death of a thousand cuts.
  17. Most likely a small practice working out of a home office. Though Apartment X has a certain nefarious ring to it. Could Ramsey be getting it's very own supervillian? After all Mr Longworth seems to have Douglas sewn up (or is that stiched up?).
  18. Just curious, assuming the cries of 'we need more affordable housing*' are true and people want to remain in Ramsey or move there, where exactly are those houses meant to go? *Houses people want to buy or invest in (not talking social housing here) Somewhere that is effectively waste land, close to town centre yet tucked out of sight behind an industrial estate with amenities like the schools within walking distance? None of the dwellings are close to the river where there seems to be a lot of green space left with mature trees on the plan being kept if you compare it to a satellite photo. How is this any different to Royal Park built on green field site on the edge of town with no local shops or amenties within easy walking distance or any schools nearby? After all, development was permitted further up the river at Auldyn and that is the same type of land (i.e. low lying near the river). Or maybe we could follow Dan the man into the Crossags. At least they own the land they will be building on. Maybe it's time we encouraged developers other than the usual suspects. Might just shake things up a bit. No need for bypasses with roundabouts big enough to put a house on or land swaps like Lake Road (still undeveloped) to sweeten the deal.
  19. Is that because everyone else leaves when he arrives? 😏
  20. Fair enough then add it to that list where it is required. Presumably there is a process where those vaccines are evaluated, approved and added to the list. Or not. Also assume the need for vaccinations of any type are based on some form of risk assessment for the role the person is in.
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-59580185 Ooops seems like someone forgot about the TT. Lets hope the numpties don't move it to the Airport. The soon to be empty (former) Vehicle Test Centre* would be a good site, drive in two lanes has offices,welfare and storage, can form queues and literally drive in one end and out the other. Keep the roller shutters low and the staff could have relative shelter. Busy times the cars could queue around the roadway. Central location, minimal work required and easy to secure overnight. *while Swagelock decide if they want to buy it Was it tendered/auctioned?) Probably not. (It was on the cards over 5 years ago at least and probably longer than that... wheels within wheels)
  22. It depends on how Omicron pans out... saw something about it being weakened by a gene from the common cold (which are in themselves coronaviruses) so though it might be more infectious, the symptoms are a lot less severe even for the unvaccinated. Muscle aches, headaches and tiredness are symptoms beng reported. Too soon to say for definite but if it usurps the delta variant quickly (which it has done in SA so will do so here in the next few weeks probably) and is an altogether weaker strain it may become endemic and end the pandemic. 🤞
  23. "What do you do with unwanted pubic hair lads?" "I dunno..." "Spit it out" 🙄
  24. I think we are going for heritage highways next... going back to rutted tracks and cobbled streets all in the name of the tourist dollar and traffic calming. By then none of us will be able to afford a car (or the repair bills) so will be forced into active travel and public transport. The DoI are simply on a mission to keep lowering public expectations until they match their actual ability. Still have some way to go there I think.
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