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  1. Strange because you don’t agree with private businesses making their own decisions. Given they haven’t said where the affected areas are, do you want to be that one person that helped spread it further. For one day, I know we took the correct decision as did a good number of hospitality businesses
  2. The realisation that the government would not be giving any assistance played no part in our business decision. All you can hope for is that suppliers understand the situation. From our perspective, they have but that will only last to a point. Everybody wants paying
  3. Classic Pot-Kettle-Black situation right there
  4. I would rather see more police on the beat booking idiots who park inconsiderately. I don't agree with workers in and around Douglas being penalised for going to work.
  5. Surely you would have factored all of this in prior to going on the election trail?
  6. One of the most scenic "roads" on the island and would benefit from having the horse trams up there. Big car park at the Port Soderick end would be ideal for stabling the horses.
  7. That machine will be in the same lock up as the mountain bikes given to the police a few years back
  8. Exactly. Holding surgeries and expecting the constituents to make the effort instead of the other way around is never well received. In fact I'd go as far as suggesting it puts a lot of people off voting
  9. that fiasco on the promenade should see off the whole ruddy lot of them
  10. Which in itself should concern Onchan residents. Declaring in June/July gives approx 4 months to prepare. with that kind of timescale, they are clearly not going to bother knocking on doors
  11. why would you? Options look to be very limited in Onchan
  12. I would like to think that a career and as you so eloquently put it "give a shit" could and should go hand in hand. That being said, history has shown us that this is not the case. Maybe young blood can effect change from within.
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