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  1. You should take a break from whatever it is you are smoking
  2. Maybe aim that question at David Quirk. You’ll get a quicker response
  3. Not at all, but it’s a well known practice for banned posters to reappear and post a “tester”
  4. Do you even live on the Isle of Man?
  5. isn't it owned by Ballacregga Estates?
  6. Nice development and Dandara rarely go in the same sentence.
  7. Not sure how you could lay any blame on David Quirk for that though, unless I have missunderstood your comment
  8. What’s your point?
  9. Foxdale Freedom Fighters on the march
  10. If it stops his nasally whine I'm all for a bit of humour.
  11. You didn't make any valid points
  12. I agree, the whole thing is rotten from the core
  13. They shouldn't be getting paid for representing their country in the first bloody place
  14. As you well know, I am referring to returning the stadium back to a velodrome.
  15. They are not representing the minority morons are they?
  16. IIRC, all the ironwork etc was put in long after they stopped using it as a velodrome. For years, only the small go karts were using the track with Onchan AFC playing their home games there
  17. This should have happened years ago. Funny how it's taken an election year to move on this. Move the stock cars to Jurby. Job done.
  18. Is there any topic that you don't moan and whine on about?
  19. On a salary of between 2 and 3 million, they should not need a crowd to boost them on. What happened to the pride of putting on that England shirt.
  20. You should learn to look into things before embarking on a rant
  21. Who's pissed on your cornflakes?
  22. England lost. get over yourself
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