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  1. I take it he has arrested you on more than one occasion then.
  2. you do realise that clip you posted just serves to prove why people are fed up. Nothing to do with being racist more to do with the influx of foreign scum
  3. No good posting that kind of nonsense - those guys didn't have a clue
  4. Bet Ashie's heart missed a beat or two for a moment
  5. April Fool gone wrong?
  6. For the record, who was winding up the nutters?
  7. Check out the salaries of some of the senior management of these charities
  8. Playing havoc with that song then "oh the Laxey Wheel keeps turning, turning oh wait
  9. If you read it again, it wasn't his brother. It was tonights brother.
  10. All well and good but without those pronunciations they wouldn't be "down wiv de kids"
  11. Plus wiping your arse with a kindle presents a few problems.
  12. I quite like their flippant use of the word “journalist”
  13. Not quite, this lot can only aspire to being mediocre
  14. Jason Moorhouse would look better standing in the dole queue
  15. We are looking to have a website for our business and wondered if anybody here could provide a pointer to a local company (or non local) to help with this
  16. I take it you are viewing a life in comedy with that post
  17. No need to panic doc - lessons will be learned. 🤔
  18. I wondered how long it would be before shed loads of cash wings its way to the farming community. Meanwhile around the Island, small business are struggling
  19. do you think anybody outside of Manx Forums take any notice of what is posted here? Genuine question
  20. This current bunch should all avail themselves of the opportunity to resign
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