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  1. Danger there is unscrupulous employers using cheap labour
  2. they were getting paid a lot more than the hospitality side and other small businesses so had no reason to keep it
  3. True but the money should have been returned to the payee and not just banked
  4. as opposed to doing nothing and being paid for it?
  5. Without the archaic law, the police conviction stats would show a truer picture
  6. That's the boy Juan's military career shot to pieces
  7. Do you know this for a fact or just your usual spouting of rubbish
  8. I see you are a bit of a "the glass is always empty" type of person then.
  9. very soon, people around the world are going to end up like this
  10. that's very derogatory of you
  11. quite clearly yes it was. Teams knew the rules when they signed up
  12. Peter Layman


    I'll never forget taking a carcase from the abattoir to Litts one morning to come across two workers sitting on a rotting carcase eating their sandwiches.
  13. Sadly, in a nutshell that is the problem. Before the authorities start on their historic prosecutions and persecutions they should consider the time the so called racist comments were made because quite clearly back in the 60's and 70's they weren't. I remember as a child somebody calling another kid a n****r. He was dragged into the headmaster's office and given the rollicking of his young life. So even back then there were boundaries. Being offended on behalf of somebody has almost become a cottage industry. People should concentrate on the future
  14. Have you always been stupid or is this a recent thing?
  15. You really couldn't make this shit up
  16. No such thing - It's a made up thing
  17. Rear Admiral, Air Marshall Field Marshall Juan if you don't mind
  18. You're joking aren't you - a room full of Irish tanked up on Guinness versus a room full of ooh la la's sipping wine.
  19. Peter Layman


    School holidays used to involve up the farm spud picking and egg collecting. If we worked hard we got trips up to the north of the island during baling time. Could you imagine today's little darlings out in the fields?
  20. Peter Layman


    as a kid, I had a Friday Night/all day Saturday job with one such farmer. Pay wasn't brilliant but mum had plentiful supplies of eggs and veg
  21. He's tried... believe me he's tried πŸ˜—
  22. Matinee afternoons armed with a pocket of pellets and a Sekadon pistol. Those were the days πŸ‘Œ
  23. should never have given women the vote πŸ€“
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