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  1. Can you catch it from being on the same forum as someone else?
  2. Not that much better than what we’ve got. I have to say this made me smile before.
  3. I’ve been told the same from a reliable source about 2 weeks ago.
  4. It’s March and it’s freezing. They’ll have Netflix on in front of the fire.
  5. I don’t want people to tell me nice things to be honest I just find it odd that people what to spin half-truths and uncorroborated information so frequently and blow it all up into ever more elaborate doomsday scenarios. No wonder there is a burgeoning mental health crisis with so many people reading this unrelenting juggernaut of depressing drivel from social media covid “experts. I’m dealing with real life thanks. That’s a fact. Half of you seem to be off into the successive rings of Dante’s Inferno of covid-doom and will only be happy when some pseudo zombie-covid-apocalypse is the only end
  6. ?? You seem to have anger management issues fella. Take a chill pill. Your brain seems to be making bad connections. Is this really what happens when you disagree with the covid ‘experts’ on this forum?
  7. That says it all really - if you’re not scaring people then you’re just being childish and insulting. You’re just another depressing unqualified armchair virologist like any other a Facebook Karen.
  8. To be honest posters like you seem to AMPLIFY bad news ceaselessly. You say already “this is likely to be more than 3 weeks” and that’s on DAY ONE. What drives such an unrelenting NEGATIVE opinion to try to depress other forum members with after just one day? What’s your secret? What secret doom-locker do you have access to that others can’t access? It’s just thoroughly depressing views based on no actual information which suggests, as yet, that what you said might actually be the case?
  9. I just found Facebook depressing and so came on here for a change but honestly it’s worse. You’d feel suicidal if you were a normal person reading all constant depressing crying and wailing on here from most posters.
  10. It just seems an odd choice for someone who doesn’t live in the South as it’s a voter base that is focussed in very local issues. Difficult if you don’t live there I’d have thought.
  11. Jesus Christ how does challenging your utterly, unrelenting, doom laden, ceaselessly depressing posts and predictions in any way make me a HQ supporter?
  12. More cheer. This is a forum that just keeps on giving. Why are half of you still alive if the prognoses is so thoroughly negative? I’d have probably jumped off a cliff by now if I believed everything was just so doom laden.
  13. Oh yes I hadn’t thought of that. Yes it’s highly likely that Howard Quayle would register an anonymous account on some minor local forum just to challenge some paranoid wailing covid-obsessed pensioners talking drivel.
  14. It only has to get into one or two schools and that’s easily the pattern. It’s probably been boiling away there for a week as most kids don’t get symptoms anyway. What was one of the first low risk venues a kids gym club?
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