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  1. It seems that if you don’t buy into the overriding doom message all you do is get bullied and harassed by the doom peddlers anyway.
  2. You seem to be some sort of comedy Internet bully who just posts nonsense here to be honest. It’s hard to see what your problem is with newer posters on this forum. Maybe if you spent less time fantasizing and inventing conspiracies you’d be slightly less aggressive in your forum interactions?
  3. Says poster who has made nearly 12,000 posts in an Internet forum.
  4. But you don’t know. Brazil has a high general population HIV infection rate and a lot of poverty where people will be living in unsanitary conditions in close proximity to others in the same boat. It’s good to spread fear though. I do get it.
  5. Vaccinated or not they’re still in a high risk vulnerable category. Some may have only had one jab as well so far.
  6. They’re up shit creek that’s why with so many families isolating they can’t then have those who aren’t in isolation taken out due to child care issues on top so it seems fine to expose the elderly if they’re happy to accept the risk.
  7. Yes Ashford did suggest that grandparents could be used for childcare for essential workers - so its absolutely fine for 75 year old grandparents to look after your kids but not 30 year old teachers in hubs as it’s too risky!
  8. The OCD like obsession around case numbers should go I agree. There’s people literally arguing with each other on Facebook and claiming government conspiracies and cover ups because they think there’s a gap of 2 or 3 cases due to reporting overlaps. It’s literal insanity to obsess over numbers like that. Number in hospital and number of deaths should be all they say and if people want to know more they can go on the covid world-o-meter where they probably already spend a good 5 hours a day anyway.
  9. Most of the 12 people in hospital won’t even end up in ICU. Very few people end up in ICU.
  10. Mark Lewin was clear that this is the case in the interview they broadcast the other day. He said elimination had served us well but it was time to transition away from this now or something similar.
  11. To be honest Moorhouse and Callister should have a competition as to who can ask the dumbest question put by a constituent. The dog walking one was fantastic at a special Tynwald session to discuss urgent covid matters.
  12. His daughter is standing. No doubt it will be a nice platform for him to use to raise issues that will be part of her manifesto.
  13. I’m sure the validated covid advice you dispense while you’re doing it is invaluable though.
  14. That’s an interesting statement. So in the next 8 weeks what’s your likely source of optimism given this scientific revelation? Finding the cure for covid and managing our exit route out of this through detailed scientific analysis or doing a few ceilings to top up your MERA?
  15. I love that sort of challenge.
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