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  1. So (all be it only one) study indicated Pfizer 41x less effective against omicron. Now my maths tells me that if Pfizer was 100% effective originally (but it wasn’t) then that makes it 2.43% useful? So what hope for AZ? May as well party and forget the LFD’s?
  2. Will have to join the queue if you are expecting a point by point rebuttal.
  3. If you take the Abottswood factor out of the data (if you can) then are matters worst or better now?
  4. Return depends on acquisition cost and envisaged use. If govt insists on blocking viable for non-viable in denial of reality then that’s why your tax and rates rise.
  5. Yes you are correct, there ought to be an equivalent balance to selling at a commercially economic value and compulsory sale orders for the unprogressed. Local authorities shouldn’t be there to deal with places untenatable or uneconomic, passing that burden onto the ratepayer in Port Erin.
  6. So why do govt or quasi govt have to own this site? Shouldn’t it be sold off with protecting covenants and let private finance shoulder the burden. There is also an old swimming pool round the corner unused.
  7. HQ please note. Instructions from Covid HQ UK on the way.
  8. Pity IOM residents still can’t prove that coming back in…..hardly going to accept a bit of paper that I could produce on any desktop or buy on the net.
  9. Be interesting to see how much we have to pay for vaccine proof then? Papers please!
  10. Guernsey announces unrestricted travel within the common travel area from 1 July, reviewed every 14 days.
  11. Good summary. I should mention Gibraltar is a green travel zone and Spain an amber travel zone, but Spain is a green travel zone from Gibraltar with no land border (Spain) mandatory test control in or out. Only the airport has mandatory testing.
  12. Meanwhile Gibraltar was fully vaccinated well over one month ago. Same supplier.
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