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  1. the local pub, and its lovely warm fire, and hot meals, and great beer. the location is, oopps sorry its a secret and we don't want the rozzers to find out.
  2. they said that they wanted too clear the entire island and turn it into exotic places game reserve for millionaires to play cribbage and and drink Watneys pale ale.
  3. it's a secret thing to who owns the island but big notes have been passed under the pub table, and the deal is almost done.
  4. I did hear through the grapevine, and that they could be looking into buying the entire island. 🤔
  5. Just been talking to the chap at the end of the Ronaldsway airport abd he said that they are going to widen the runways and expand the airport abd all done by November.
  6. Does anyone know when the under 50s will get the call up.
  7. It did great service down at ronaldsway hub, very efficient.
  8. Yes it was, not the bravest of soldiers wen it comes to neddles but they were great got in b4 time waited 5 mins in jabbed out done great job.
  9. Off to get my first covid jab today. 😕
  10. Hi all, I don't think getting angry with everyone and everything, we all just need to get on get this vaccine thing done so everybody can have some sort of normality again if we just have a little bit more patience it will soon be over and done and dusted. Hopefully. 🙏
  11. Just read that piece of news, August is a long way off. But if it has to be then so be it.
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