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  1. it is four rounds to go. hopefully my hair will go back and I will be off the portable oxygen. now sonny what would like to know.
  2. no in fact I was brushing up on how many chemo sessions I have left. any thing else you like to know.
  3. I had a lovely quiet coffee today asked the manager to move two mums and thier buggies and stuff to the outside seating, nice and quiet, very nice indeed.
  4. The last I watched was, Went the day well, a 1942 film good British War film a bit cheesy but a OK watch on a Sunday afternoon.
  5. Perhaps she should run for a MHK post over here on the Isle, she could be a good MHK over here a no nonsense one for the Isle.
  6. I just think that they will have to recupe their profits from somewhere, so give everyone a double free vaccine first then charge people for the follow up boosters after.
  7. I think this would be on the turn a round when they do the run up too the terminal and then back again.
  8. I did hear they are thinking of running the tram tracks in to the terminal at the back so it is safer for the horses on the change over.
  9. You wait I bet you will have to start paying for your booster vaccines next year.
  10. and what may I ask is a "muffin top".
  11. I don't drink latte, I drink the posh coffee.
  12. I don't care what you are referring too, single, doubles, married unmarried, they are a damm nuisance in my opinion. nothing but noisy smelly and cluttering up a nice clean are with small children, dashed unfair.
  13. Sorry to disappoint you but, my 3 huge pensions come from two private UK companies and a nice fat UK government pension, and just because "they are paying customers" does not give them the right to swan in and take over large seating area just because they are with children. now run along and play you funny little man.
  14. Thank you John, just wanted to know the situation on the Mots in the UK as I may be driving over their in the future.
  15. wow really, there was me thinking that when she died she left me, blimey leading a double life. never would have guessed.
  16. Well it is being considerate because everyone can join in making it fun for all to enjoy. And I bet even you had a chuckle to yourself, go on admit it you did.
  17. That's great, I just wanted to know as the UK police can get a little bit snotty over this sort of thing.
  18. what is the situation if you drive a manx registration car over in the UK, how does not having UK Mot. what is the situation regarding that.
  19. no the staff there are quite pleasant to me and always know my order, and the manager not the little guy but the taller one is fine and OK.
  20. I go to Costa as I have a unhealthily obsession.
  21. I go to the to Costa because I enjoy the service there, and all the mum's and buggy and screaming kids running around enjoy it too, but just have a little consideration for other users there who also want to enjoy the area.
  22. very similar to some of the stuff I get at the hospital to keep me alive.
  23. yes as I only have a few years of life left, I think I being unhealthily obsessed is a good way to go. Thank you for that.
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