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  1. Or more mundanely given that neither IOM Newspapers or the radio stations have a huge bank of reporters on duty 24/7, i would suggest it is most likely 1. they knew nothing about this yesterday , 2. they had only unconfirmed reports , or 3. there was no one actually at work on a Saturday afternoon. and in any case they only broadcast after the police media release was published this morning, on Facebook giving them a verifiable source. As they would have got it at the same time, it is hardly that surprising that they reported at similar times. I suspect it doesn't quite work like a telly drama series
  2. Hate to pop your conspiracy theory, but...... Derek who seems to have a nostalgic longing for the Island, and looks like he spends a deal of time trawling and commenting all things "Isle of Man" on a couple of different social media platforms is most likely have seen the various postings by Ramsey based SM accounts that commented on the incident, and regurgitated what he has seen online, rather than having a mole in Police HQ. But that of course isn't nearly as titilating.
  3. and when they were first operating we were out of lockdown, so generally those other buildings were in use, or had poor parking, or poor bus links, weren't wheelchair accessible or perhaps were not suitable if social distancing was required like now, etc,etc. Whichever buildings were used I would imagine that there would be someone having a moan. Personally I think the old supermarket was a great choice, and I can see why the Airport was chosen (though it may have been a least worse option).
  4. https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/covid-19-vaccination-statistics/ shows there are days in the week when both are in use. Now if only one was set up and in operation, and there was some fault (power failure/water leak, whatever) we would no doubt criticise the lack of foresight for not having any other provision set up and ready to go. What if there is another upswing of supply? Surely having two sites with ample parking has attractions for the delivery of vaccines? I would imagine that there is a finite throughput at either site with the need to maintain social distancing?
  5. A quick check tells you that they're on course to do so. https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/covid-19-vaccination-statistics/
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