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  1. We get the leaders we deserve unfortunately.
  2. Brilliant. Exposed for all to see that she really is a little bit bonkers. Now the pandemic is over we can get back to not knowing what she is thinking on a daily basis and forget all about her.
  3. If I were ManxCare I'd leave public the hell alone. No need to go after people now. It's done. We're over it. If people still aren't vaccinated now then they never will, seeing as the pandemic is over. Everyone knows where their doctor is if they want to change their mind. Get back to dealing with the waiting lists that have built up while we lived in a 'COVID only' world for two years. There are serious illnesses/disease at a progressed stage and postponed operations that need priority now.
  4. They don't need to be defined as they will each have differing severity and symptoms from person to person. We all have different constitutions and immune systems so what could floor one person another could brush off with ease. We just need to get on with living again, maybe with a bit more of an emphasis and responsibility on a healthier lifestyle now.
  5. Yes if I was going to go down a conspiracy hole I'd say this is the more likely scenario. Another stealth wealth transfer as government coffers are pillaged once again, as they seem to do every so often. Crisis' like these aren't without opportunism at the highest levels of finance, illicit or otherwise.
  6. I don't have a crystal ball. No need to get salty. I'm just relaying information about some people I know who went across and got their jabs. Just a thought in case we get to jab number 4,5,6... so might be something to bear in mind moving forwards.
  7. Which was here before COVID and will be around long after COVID too. But nothing is sexy anymore unless you put the 'C' word in there somewhere.
  8. Why don't you have your jabs in England when you travel over there then? I know a few people who have travelled across to have their jabs as they only require a NHS number and it updates more or less immediately. They were concerned about travel and didn't have a great deal of faith in the ManxCare system being fast and robust enough to cope with updates in time for repeated travel.
  9. What kind of world have we created when the tiny risk of dying from a respiratory virus is considered worse than being burnt alive in your homes by molten lava or washed away in a flood.
  10. But overcome the fear of water they must, once you strip away the irrationality of their hesitancy. Ironically it's the highly educated elders who are now the most hesitant about embracing life again. I see it daily. The pendulum has swung so far the other way that their ego cannot comprehend the fact that they might not be thinking rationally anymore, after a lifetime of a career and social standing being built on them being on a peceived higher intellectual plane. They have bought the propaganda by scientists they see at their level, dismissing contrasting opinions from other esteemed scientists because it's not the establishment view. It's much easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled, as the phrase goes. (Not that these people have been necessarily fooled but you hopefully get the point).
  11. Money is the only thing we should be thinking of now when we try and get the economy back on track and livelihoods back to normal. Especially now we have eliminated any health concerns moving forwards.
  12. I have no interest in talking to a doomer let alone trying to convince them of anything. The stat you mentioned should be enough to counter any argument a doomer may put forward, but sadly it won't.
  13. You're not wrong. I see many vulnerable old people still religiously wiping their shopping basket and washing their hands in cheap chemicals before meddling with their masks walking round Shoprite. They have had a number done on them big time and they will be terrified of the invisible enemy out there which may strike if they go back to normal.
  14. In the worst worldwide pandemic of our lifetime I'd say it is THE most compelling statistic to back up any argument.
  15. I'd like someone in authority to come and furnish us with the figures. Put to bed the doom coven once and for all.
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