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  1. Or ditch the mayor. Completely irrelevant position in today's society.
  2. ....and suddenly get a visit from a couple more helicoptors from across to deliver a personal message on behalf of HMG.
  3. Poor taste so soon after the event. However, both COVID and the vaccination increase the risk of clotting so impossible to pinpoint which one may have elevated his risk.
  4. He's still modelling what went wrong with his models.
  5. Thanks. Couldn't we at least just hold off and see how things go across first? Are we independant or aren't we?
  6. Most people probably wouldn't notice if they drove straight over them, such is the amount of bumps and obstacles on the new and refurbed prom at the moment.
  7. I don't think our government have announced it have they?
  8. You'll still get parents willingly offering up their kids without doing the slightest bit of research into it and being swayed by celebrity doctors with conflicting corporate interests like that pathetic Dr Hillary on GMTV. Which is sad.
  9. Yes, let's see how robust they are. This will be the first test of combining them with the flu vaccine on the old and vulnerable.
  10. Most sensible virologists and epidemiologists not connected to government funding were saying exactly this at the time but were stonewalled. You don't beat a pandemic by locking people away, that only extends it.
  11. You can't use a transit exemption from a red country into the UK. It's mandatory hotel quarantine regardless.
  12. Can we have an announcement from our government that all restrictions are going now too. Absolutely no need for any of them at all now.
  13. They can just funnel people in round the back road from St Marks.
  14. We do. It's called the extortionate ferry fees, which go into government coffers and get squandered when they should be spent on repairing the trails.
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