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  1. Absolutely. The last thing we need is a Heath Secretary putting his points across and confusing things. Just have a clear, concise, brief press conference from the main man and then as you were. No need to complicate things.
  2. Every single media channel is often full of nonsense. I wouldn't put any weight on any journalism at the moment. Not sure why you think name checking the channel gives your point any extra gravitas.
  3. They will have to. Where do they expect people to go when they have no home in the UK. Stick around in an airport for a couple of days?
  4. We'd be better served quarantining the doom mongers. I'm sure they wouldn't object, as concerned about safety as they are.
  5. The concerns about Fauci were already voiced way before this pandemic when Kennedy took up with him.
  6. No-one's bothered with your daily fear porn. Try Facebook.
  7. Just stop this nonsense. You'll send yourslf mad thinking like this.
  8. Danoo


    This. It reads like it was written by someone who had a first grade education in ‘health.’
  9. Danoo


    Agreed. Asking for a snapshot in time gives a skewed picture. They should ask for an average week.
  10. Danoo


    So essentially a waste of time then, but ticks the box of appearing to do something productive.
  11. To be fair they deserve it. What if the only suitable applicant was recovering from cancer and had been advised against the vaccine. Would they reject her on those grounds?
  12. In all seriousness though doesn't this just highlight the complete ineptitude of the whole government funded healthcare system. Costs us a fortune and can't get the basics right. The administration side is beyond the pale.
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