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  1. Again, you have neglected to state ‘in my opinion.’ I fail to see how effectively trying to cease transmission slows down a spread for the better. All it will do is stop it, only for it restart again once you peek from behind the sofa. Your overly simplistic, one dimensional way of viewing this novel, emerging situation is starting to wear thin now.
  2. The increased capacity and frequency will come, in time. If someone can make money they will find a way. The poor will increasingly be priced out of their short hops to the sun for £20 as they will no longer exist, for varying 'climate' reasons, so the planes will be utilised elsewhere.
  3. You always forget to write 'in my opinion' when you state things like this as fact.
  4. I completely agree, but there is a dearth of options out there. The revenue management departments of the few companies there are will be working overtime trying to work out the most cost efficient way, with the best yield, to get back to operational activity again. We also don't have a large pot of money to play with after the past 18 months, so it will take time to attract people to the table to negotiate again. It will happen though, we're just small fry in the bigger scheme of things.
  5. You're not going to get the mitigations, restrictions and lockdowns that you crave as there is no appetite for it. I know you think of yourself of some kind of pseudo-intellectual with intimate knowledge of virology and pandemics but you don't. You're just a frustrated doom monger who finds comfort in espousing your views online as most people in the real world would give them short thrift.
  6. You sound like an absolute bellend, so don't be patronising hard working people on here who are just expressing an opinion and want to move on with their lives. With respect.
  7. Not sure why you sound so confused. You've got it nailed.
  8. It's a consequence of living/visiting here. Even at a reasonable time of the day you can't bank of getting in or out with the issues at Ronaldsway around sea mist/fog/all round shite weather from an airport in the middle of the Irish Sea with a runway perched at an inappropriate place on the rock.
  9. Not pleasant to read but undeniably true.
  10. I take it he would be okay in foregoing his salary for that period and having to apply for some form of assistance via the salary support scheme. We're all in it together hey.
  11. The positive thing is that Cannan is in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce and also isn't very bright. So if they push him to keep the economy open and the wheels of commerce turning it should hopefully stop the doom mongers in their tracks in their wish to lock down and hide behind the curtains again.
  12. Pandering to all the Karen's in his constituency. It would be nice if our elected officials possessed more than a brain cell to use some independant critical thought themselves. However judging by the latest intake that's asking a bit too much.
  13. Which, compared to the majority of the population, wasn't really busy at all.
  14. Buy a bigger couch to hide behind. Get some blackout curtains. Don't venture out until 2024 at the earliest.
  15. Danoo


    They will come back with an intention to reduce the amount of meat we eat, which is already being talked about in those circles. Which is nonsense. How is that going to affect the local farming industry, many of whom have the politicians in their back pockets. If the island tries to adopt any of the bonkers policies that come out of these type of virtue signalling events it is screwed.
  16. There isn't enough traffic to keep the current opening hours going.
  17. But double vax is now classed as unvaccinated if they haven't had the booster. So should it be treble vax?
  18. I shudder to think how much money we are spending on LFT's at a time when we are proposing to increase gas price's coming into winter and probably going to implement another form of lockdown which will hit the lower paid and self employed. Complete bonkers policies from a completely incompetent government. I thought this one was going to put the people and economy first, not just blindly follow the destruction happening across the water.
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