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  1. Go on then. Give an example of any "abusive posting" that can't be matched and bettered by pongo, teapot and others. I wasn't abusive to anyone.
  2. Do you know who that guy was? Pretty sure he has the resources to do it very quickly and easily
  3. And if it was would that be an issue? Have I posted anything abusive or offensive? Have I singled anyone out for criticism or to mock? If people don't want other contributions to a discussion forum then surely it isn't much of a discussion forum?
  4. Not in my nature. It is a trait shared by many of us Howard's. I had one about a year or more ago tied to an old work email that I can no longer access. Why?
  5. Maybe, but on the flip side (this is controversial) by last summer those who were going to die would have died and the rest of us would have built up herd Immunity and been able to live our lives again. There is no right or wrong way of having dealt with this, but the restrictions in place right here and right now given the vaccination progress seem over the top to me.
  6. Scaremongering. Got to keep spreading that fear to justify the restrictions.
  7. Cases down and all linked. Get the pubs open for easter
  8. That is very sad. This bit will be interesting. "The existing data will be amended to reflect this to ensure a consistent approach to reporting. "
  9. I have windows. It's normally the same people walk past here each day. It is really busy lately (we are rural). I also have a facebook account and instagram and can see all the adverts encouraging people out for non essential reasons. I can see all the posts from people out for non essential reasons. I can see all the posts from people asking where is open (superdrug ffs) etc etc. Its not a proper lockdown (nor does it need to be) yet we are arresting people for activities that carry no more risk than those I just mentioned. Photos from the daffodil walk at Port Grenaugh last weekend showed the place rammed.
  10. Hardly anyone is observing that simple request. People are jaunting all over the island everyday on completely non essential journeys. Thousands every day
  11. "Legal aid was granted" Jeez, so we are all paying for him to argue that he didn't understand what he was doing as well. Good news for governemnt though. By the time it gets back to court hopefully things will be back to normal and people will have forgotten and they will just let him off quietly with the whole debacle having cost the tax payer tens of thousands of pounds in police time, court time, prosecution time, and apparently we are paying for his defence as well. You couldn't make this stuff up.
  12. The current regulations are stupid. Example below.
  13. If you read the inevitable press coverage that will hit the UK tomorrow if he gets jail, and it was gibralter or somewhere would you think. a - well done them. I would love to live somewhere that jails someone for that. b - bloody hell, what a warped little country that the police got involved at all, never mind the fact that they jailed him rather than a fine.
  14. No because I am a good boy. I haven't done anything I shouldn't I think I was the only one in our family now in my Mums bad books because I didn't drop a mothers day gift on the doorstep. It wasn't essential and we were asked not to so I didn't. Doesn't mean I don't think the current level of restrictions is insane through given the levels of infection and the current risk. No wonder people are getting fed up. Anyway must go. I have precisely nothing to do and nowhere to go. Maybe I should do a click and collect from B&Q and drive across the island get some DIY stuff and a coffee.
  15. No sorry. I had Sky Q in my last house but didn't bother when I moved. Give it a Google because they can be pretty flaky. Fixed IP addresses on the sky kit are a good start
  16. I don't need protecting from standing a few metres away from my mate and going for a walk and a chat thanks. None of us do. Some idiot commented on fb that this swimming was particularly high risk because the wind meant the germs spread further. Its blowing a hooly outside ours right now and yet legally I can't go next door and chat to my neighbour in the garden. Its insane.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/100027485104179/posts/808802466712583/ I don't know about anyone else but I am flipping my opinion on this all the time. Part of me thinks he needs to be made an example of having been warned or everyone will be at it. Part of me thinks, who cares if everyone was arranging to meet outdoors socially distanced because there isn't actually any harm in at and it may well help people. I would definitely benefit from a sensible and safe meeting with some friends or family right now.
  18. Was there a real risk when that woman stopped for petrol? When the welders went into spar with masks on? Is there a risk if I meet my sister in the park tomorrow for a socially distanced walk? They set a stupid precedence with jailing people so now they can't really go back on that can they? Especially when the bloke has had a warning.
  19. Posted yesterday, after the police attended and the social media coverage.
  20. This actually has the potential to cause some real ill feeling in the community. It is a difficult one because like a lot of other people I don't actually think there was any risk in what they were doing, but they have been sending people to prison and he had been warned so I don't see that they have an option but to bang him up. For some strange reason society seemed accepting of ludicrous jail sentences last year. This time he seems to have a lot of public support and people are rightly saying that jail would be a completely over the top response. But if they don't then it makes a mockery of all the previous cases. It will be interesting to see how it pans out especially when the inevitable Sun and Mail headlines appear over the weekend making us look totally backward. Cue the UK press references to birching and homosexuality which are never good pr.
  21. I think that would be sensible. Let people make their own decisions about what they do and don't want to do. Maybe some allocated slots through the week where those shielding etc can get out and about and the rest of us stay out of shops, but other than that back to normal. Whichever way they spin the figures they have obviously decided schools are back on the 12th anyway so why keep pretending that isn't the case?
  22. Not that its remotely important, but you have actually proven yourself wrong in your own post
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