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  1. I came back to the iom off the ferry yesterday, travelling south to pickup my dog l couldn't believe 20mph restrictions roadworks which seemed to go on endlessly with nothing in sight until eventually l saw the cones, not one workman in site, infact l thought the approach to the 1st 20mph sign was so poorly placed l wasn't sure if it was really meant to be there? Ah! the time was approximately 2.30 in the afternoon. I had to smile to myself, I thought welcome home to an island which is run so badly by people we voted in who just don't realise how irritating their actions affect our everyday lives.
  2. I'm visiting the UK and have just purchased milk my receipt tells milk 1 litre of milk is £1.15, this has been rising my sister tells me due to transportation costs, I just wondered why our milk has excessive rises compared to costly transportation cost in the UK? Also l know our milk has packaging which l suspect is fairly costly, l would like it be able to reuse it but this doesn't seem possible unless you have a doorstep delivery. I'm very concerned about the rising costs of just the basics like lots of others on the iom and elsewhere. I have taken lots of measures to reduce my spending to a minimum but l think my income is being overwhelmed by my expenditure. I was brought up to be a good manager of my money, l always know how much for example what my shopping is going to cost before l even get to the till.
  3. I was told recently that Dr Wilson is unable to see her NHS patients at the new private clinic in Douglas as Manx Care have objected, is this still the case or was this overturned recently? She is a very good doctor whom l would prefer to stay with even if this means going private, and before anyone asks l don't have private medical care.
  4. Lilly

    TT 2022 ??

    I know very little about the TT so l probably don't qualify to comment. l came to IOM 20 years ago and l remember being really shocked at the amount of deaths during TT, it just appeared to be accepted. Having just been widowed recently l can only imagine how awful it must be for the family's, as l'm finding my own loss unbearable at a relatively younger age than normal I do think we all need to take some responsibility to make this sport safer so it may continue If that is the wish of others.
  5. Lilly

    TT 2022 ??

    I have just layed my beloved husband to rest today, l was appalled for our cortege to be over taken on the inside at the grandstand by quite a few bikes, all English reg. Show some respect bikers! My husband spent many years as a Marshall for the TT.
  6. Thank you for your update Stu, l was really pleased of the progression of the Private members Bill from Dr Allinson allowing assisted dying on IOM. It obviously is very close to many peoples hearts, probably due to varying degrees of experiences. This is a very important subject that needs to be tackled head on.
  7. Excellent post totally agree. Although lve have not been able to catch up on what's been going on here for the last few weeks. OMG I literally had a double take. It's obviously all coming out in the wash as my old granny used to say. Thank goodness for manx forum otherwise l would have been taken in by the dribble that the iom government allow to know.
  8. Sadly my precious husband has sadly passed away at home where he wanted to be, regrettably it was not the a good death l wanted for him. I'm now convinced more than ever that assisted dying is something we all need to lobby our MHKs to pass and regulate in the law of our country. You might not agree, but we should be given options of our own death if we choose to end our life legally. I know this is a difficult subject but l would urge you all to think about this. As you can imagine l am overwhelmed with grief at the moment. My husband was so kind caring and a good person, his life taken away too soon. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you all.
  9. Ahhh! I see what you mean. Yes, baby steps.
  10. Manx radio. Well I've just caught the news on sky to hear NCA police investigating PPE fraud on iom with discreet raids made on island. I've just read manx radio news, no mention of the PPE fraud. My point is l had to tune into Sky news for important information on our island. Surely it should more informative, l understand no arrest have been made, is this the reason we weren't give full story.
  11. Lilly

    Firm closing

    sts as the reason and after getting a few quotes recently I can see why, it was a minimum of an additional £1.50 charge to post here. Always having supported local retailers l recently had to switch to buy online, the item l have regularly purchased locally for last 4 months has gone up 3 times to £16.00 for one pkt we use up to three pkts a week now. My daughter visited a month ago and she started a bulk order for me, same thing costing just over £8 a pack including postage. Its easy to do and they always arrive within 3 to 5days. If l could have bought a bulk order locally at a more reasonable price I most certainly would have done.
  12. Lilly

    Poor MHKs

    sorry should say Manx Forum
  13. Lilly

    Poor MHKs

    At first l must apologise for my late reply to the above posting. I would like to object to your comment social media pile on, if l understand correctly you mean Manx Forum? I posted a comment that l had previously contacted the said MHK by email and received no reply as did my neighbour and again got no response. I will explain, l contacted my Mhk Mrs Caine approx 4 years ago, a few weeks ago which is now 4 years on l was speaking to my neighbour who said she had contacted Mrs Caine by email and had no response. Last year l went to vote and was happy to see Mrs Caine at the church were voting was taking place, l put it her that l previously had contacted her by email and got no response, her reply was that when she lst became an Mhk there has been a problem with her getting her emails, this surprised me as the said email had not been returned. Many Forum have been a lifeline to me for the past few years since lockdown, l wouldn't have know what was really going on our island, yes as always l don't agree with everything that is being said. When you decided that you were going to stand in the last election, you had my full support even though unfortunately l couldn't vote for you, l felt you might address things that are not popular, although, again l don't agree with everything you say. Thank you Lilly
  14. Lilly

    Poor MHKs

    Yes well, lm in constituency of Garth and the last time l emailed Daphne Caine l got no reply, my neighbour who also emailed Mrs Caine on another matter also tells me she got no response either.
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