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  1. Hip hip hooray, that's exactly what l thought!.. Maybe someone is actually listening? l counted 5 to six steps.
  2. Sorry to change the subject. I've noticed in the last few days the digger that usually just moves seaweed has been shifting sand away from the beach walls, only addressing the slipway near Broadway to War memorial. There is a drop now of mostly more than a metre, uncovering steps l can't remember seeing before. I wonder if this will continue along the wall and will it stop over topping? As it is something l've often thought maybe should be done, is there another reason why it is being done? Does anyone know? If not, well done for taking this action.
  3. I thought this single occupancy was supposed to be going through? Also could anyone explain why l pay two lots of rates one to Onchan the other l think is to Government/ Douglas? It makes my rate bill higher than a member of my family who has a family of 5 much larger house and actually pays much less than l do, and now they have the cheek to inform us today via Manx radio they intend to increase this quite considerably as l understand it!
  4. Ah well that's what they all advertise, however, on purchasing my new telly from Curry's a big notice on the till stating they can no longer accept free disposal of TVs etc. Despite this nside the box of my new telly was a slip informing of this service!. Not sure about Colebourn ?
  5. Ah, sorry Gladys my mistake regarding leaflet, l will take another look. Great idea taking a spare reusable bag for rubbish on the beach. I usually end up filling my pockets and struggling to balance larger items until the said bins are in sight. I would like to add that these bins are emptied every day so actually quite a good service from DBC.
  6. Thank you Gladys for sharing the leaflet, but l'm confused by it though. Is it for household recycling or just a demonstration of foreign objects thrown into the sea or the beach. On my daily beach walk l and many other dog walker pick up plastics all types, fishing nets, ropes, fish boxes which we daily put in the bins provided or leave next to bins for larger objects. Today l picked up a metal wire half of a pair of sunglasses that had transformed itself into a sharp nasty hook l guess lethal to any wildlife. And yes most of us pick up our dog poo and place it in provided bins, although l do on occasion have to bin someone else's poo bags that they have left outside the said bins. I recently had to take my television set to the amenity site which cost me l think it was 26 or 27 pounds, l only took it because the picture had gone otherwise l would have carried on using it, it was a small 26 inch screen, the operative informed me that everyone pays the same price whatever the size he laughingly said you could have brought a 60 inch plus screen. It would never have occurred to me to dump it for someone else to pick up the tab, however, l fortunately still have my car and l didn't have to choose between food on the table and disposal of my TV set, but some people may have to make those choices. Apologies if l have got this all inside out and have misunderstood the post.
  7. Lilly

    Local events

    I think it is very difficult to get the information out about these wonderful events. I wonder what such busy lifestyle we lead were we miss such information which is actually presented to us. Do we filter most things out?
  8. Lilly

    Local events

    Yes your comments are fair, l wanted to go to both these fairs and l think the KWC & St Peters certainly had ticked all the boxes regarding your points above. Both were enjoyable.
  9. Lilly

    Local events

    Yes l agree, l don't do Facebook, however, both events l attended recently were advertised on noticed boards and a large banner. l get your valid point though only saw them whilst using my car and passing the venues.
  10. Lilly

    Local events

    Went to KWC last weekend for the Christmas craft fair it was absolutely bursting with great local talent it was well planned and crammed full of IOM residents having a wonderful time for all ages. Yesterday l went to a church fair in Onchan it was marvellous and planned with lots of hard work. The main draw for me was Mr Howard Parkin doing a book signing of his book , Space for Dark Skies with a generous donation going into church funds. I think is easy to point out the negatives constantly about lots of things on the Island we also have lots of wonderful positives which are free go to supported by generous residents.
  11. I don't know anyone who drives an old banger that leaks oil. Last time l did go to Douglas to shop l caught the bus, although it is sometime ago l must admit. Luddites is l suppose meant to explain a dislike of technology, l'm not quite sure which part of my post you are referring to? But thank you for your reply. Lilly
  12. Yes, that certainly would have been the most sensible option. I rarely go to Douglas these days mainly due to the confusion when using the promenade route, roundels, crossing that blend into area and what is the speed limit l think it's 20MPH as its not very clear on entering 20mph zone and then no warning of increase of 30 Mph zones. I use the beach daily for walking as many other people do starting from summer hill to passed Tower House but the seaweed is making it almost impossible especially Summer Hill end. I regularly see the tractor throughout the summer clearing the square of beach basically near Sefton to War memorial area just piles it up to go back into the sea. I have also witnessed over the last few years the sand rising almost to the walkway level in some places with no intervention to solve this. I understand we have to have progress, however, doesn't that mean we have to solve the problems we already have before we smooth over the cracks. I know it's a very simple ask l just would like to use the promenade road and the beach without all the obstacles. And finally that awful bright lighted screen you can see from miles away and whilst driving passing sea terminal is distracting. Come on Douglas I'm sure you can do much better than this!
  13. Lilly

    Fog Horn

    Yes it seems extra loud tonight, l've just taken my Labrador round the garden, he look at me with a surprise look on his face on hearing the foghorn whilst he was watering my late flowering marigolds, little monkey.
  14. Hi Happier diner, l'm just about to have a very long awaited new roof replaced, so l would like to have the solar panels done at same time. I think it's way above my affordability now. But thank you anyway.
  15. Does anybody actually know how much it costs to put solar panels on a roof, l would really like to do this. l've just got my electricity bill it's actually gone down, but l'm worried that this will raise considerably next year.
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