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  1. Yes you are right; just after new year l took 2 TVs both not working to Douglas it cost me l think £54 which l duely paid by card only, on leaving past re-use shed l noticed a TV in there, a bit naughty really as the signage is clear. The most annoying thing after unwrapping my new replacement TV had a card inside from Curry's to say free disposal of your old TV, on returning to Curry's a big red signage saying TV disposal had been suspended, they told me due to overwhelming response.
  2. I'm in the process of clearing my very cluttered house of useful one-day stuff. I have been going to DAS to off load twice this week and was surprised to be met by the barrier and a pleasant man who noticed it was my second visit in a week, he look me straight in the eyes and asked me what I had in my car, for some reason l hesitated and felt a bit nervous l told him household, he looked at me sternly and said " are you sure", after a quick glance he then beamed a lovely smile hahaha and sent me to the correct skip number. I think they are probably just getting too much of the wrong sort of stuff in the wrong skips. And as far as darning your socks, do them yourself. The reuse sheds often have sewing stuff for free.
  3. I read this post last night, l left my reply and thoughts for 24hrs because it touched such emotional thoughts. Some Men on the Isle of Man are dying from Prostate Cancer not all are elderly . It's preventable with the right actions taken, awareness is key, education with both medical professionals and the public to recognise and take appropriate action. Everyone should be aware of the symptoms of this curable cancer, and we should be talking about it. I havent seen any public health messages from Manx Care to support any information regarding Prostate cancer, maybe l just haven't seen it? Obviously my point of view is based on actual real case of Prostate cancer. Screening would have saved the life of this person. As a women l also feel breast cancer screeing is important and should continue as it saves many lives, l hope this is just a temporary staffing difficulties.
  4. I heard someone shouting very loudly a few weeks ago, it was around the Villa Marina Broadway junction area, it was early in the morning l was walking my dog on the beach, it took me by surprised but l couldn't actually see anyone.
  5. I'm afraid Gladys, if its Village Walk you cannot book an appointment via email even when registered with patient online services, it doesn't yet allow this option, l know l've tried. It should work really. Also Village Walk have only just implemented the new phone answering, it used to not be answered or constantly engaged often up to an hour.
  6. But it's complicated as l'm sure the IHT rule was changed in 2016? l think there is a three year tax rule with UK on IHT, l'm not sure whether its to do with domicile or residency. I could be totally wrong about this and have misunderstood, apologies if l have.
  7. My house insurance in the IOM is 3 times what it would cost in the UK and yes l know this to be fact, l have for many years purchased this locally but l won't be this year l plan on buying online.
  8. Actually in some cases rates/council tax are lower or equivalent in Uk as single person qualify for 25% discounts. Also water rates can be as little as £190 for a year, there are many social tariffs in place for other bills for the low earners in the UK. My rates for my property on the IOM l anticipate will go up in April and be on par with the UK if not higher. After also watching Martin Lewis money program tonight l would certainly be financially better off in UK, although it would be a difficult decision to leave my family behind.
  9. I received my electricity bill on Monday which was double what it normally is! Yesterday l mentioned it to a friend of mine who said read your meter, apparently some meter readings that have been submitted by a meter reader have flagged up several readings that are incorrect. I will have to get a meter key to check it. I have cut down considerable on my energy consumption so l'm baffled really . I'm unfortunately one of the lowest earners who slipped under the net for any sort of energy support.
  10. I have a friend who lives in Douglas and has been 6 months waiting for her gas bill. She has made numerous attempts to rectify this by phone initially, getting no where she has been to see them on at 4 occasions still no bill. She's in her late 70s and is very worried about how big this bill going to be. I really don't think this is acceptable by the gas company and is something actually being done to sort this out.
  11. I received this leaflet this morning too delivered by iom post, l found it unclear who actually sent it! After reading it l search iom gov on assisted dying and you can give your opinion on this very important subject.
  12. Thank you Numbnuts and everyone on Manx forum for your kindness.
  13. Thank you Amadeus, l have just been awoken by my chocolate labrador who l forgot to let out last night for a pee. Made a cup of tea and listened to the beautiful Bach it took me back to memories of my dear father who sadly passed away 5 years ago. Christmas day was a day for reflection for me with the sad loss of my precious husband 7 months ago, l'm very blessed to have amazingly wonderful grandchildren, they are the future. l wish everyone on Manx forum peace and happiness, but remember, the most ordinary things in the life are the most precious. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year 2023 Lilly
  14. Just to add a point regarding the business above they also said they had tried to change to another delivery company but they weren't able to find another as they are not taking on new customers. Also my daughter has only temporarily closed her website until New Year due to the postal difficulties. Apologies for not making my point very clear.
  15. I was watching BBC news this morning and a company who delivers in the UK had 90% of their delivers cancelled from, l'm sure it was DPD. Also my daughter runs a craft business producing specialist lettering designs and she has had to close her website due to non arrival of orders in the last few weeks.
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