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  1. I thought I'd read somewhere that he wasn't going to stand again? It might be wishful thinking though.
  2. Reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Barney Gumble drank some non-alcohol fizzy after passing astronaut training.
  3. Its a good point, but the lab results will only say whether SARS-CoV-2 RNA has been detected / not detected. It cannot say whether a person is infective or not.
  4. Questioning is good, scrutiny is good. But time given over to answering how many chimps were hurt, how recovering alcoholics might be damaged by the vaccine and aborted foetuses might be better spent on doing real work. Surely the question should have been sent to the World health Organisation?
  5. Just pull the bloody rope
  6. Well it works for me. Oh dear...a load what a load of tosh. Does she even have to reply to this?
  7. Yep. When the hubby bumps the car behind and says "just feeling my way in".
  8. Astra blow your head off. I believe Pfizer is worse. what makes you worse makes you better
  9. Had my second one yesterday - only just feeling well enough to post. Must have worked then?
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