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  1. Another week, another weak IOMG performance. Oh well, never mind...
  2. I do not know Dr Glover. I have a strong suspicion she could have, should have, wanted to, assist in reducing deaths, infection rates and minimising lockdowns where possible. I do not know the senior politicians involved. The more I hear from them, well, the more they believe, of their own poisonous self interested waffle. A time for change.
  3. It long ceased being a 'spat' as you put it. Goodness. Its the title of the post, but for obvious reasons. If you want an end to it, Dr G. I suggest could well help with that. Or what expertise do you have, you should have support too if you can help.
  4. Gotcha. So public donations (in such case as suggested above and with no guarantee given by you) if you had a positive financial outcome would not benefit Taxa but would go to fund educational purposes. Even more reason, to do it. You are very very credible and I believe you only have the IOM in mind. The Great Manx Public need a chance to join in if they choose to do so. I think you are a beautiful human, but this really is a no brainer. The voice of reason, if you will
  5. Yes financially it sucks. Its a very public way to say NO to the Govt buggers
  6. IOMG - how can they look themselves in the mirror, behaving like this/that? Its disgusting. I'd like to see a gofundme or similar set up to help with Dr Glovers legal costs. Not so much being about the money. But a way for the Great Manx Public to publicly support her.
  7. Netflix series? Unlike Superman, puts on spectacles, turns into "Doctor Geek" Utilising stuff 'research, technology and my passion for science', this Super Sleuth clears up the backlog of unexplained, unsolved Human Trauma cases with a sweep of her pen. The authorities initially accept her help, but it turns sour when the great local public start to hear of the remarkable turnaround and just what is possible. Its in the past, "She is looking backwards, how can she join us on the Journey?" Sidekick robot Bob assists. But, when working for a colleague gets kidnapped an
  8. Dr Glover could and maybe should 'sign' for another "Team". Jsy & Gsy will ask (likely done so already). Its what the 'Great Manx Politicians' deserve.
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