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  1. He wasn't sacked for "joining a picket line". There's never been anything wrong with a politician doing that. He was sacked after a TV interview in which he said that the Labour party supported the strike, an opinion that reflects badly on a party trying to look like a government-in-waiting and which, in Starmer's eyes, makes the voting public think that a Labour government would bring the country to its knees. Starmer said that Tarry was making up party policy that doesn't exist, "on the hoof". That is why he got rid of him.
  2. The "stupid" people won't listen if you keep telling them they are stupid. Perhaps you should look at your own attitude.
  3. I meant those who are in their teens/low twenties today who will be grandparents in 20 to 30 year's time. They'd be the only ones with any recollection of the TT. Depressingly I saw an interview the other day where a young man was stopped in the street and asked what he thought of Elvis (the new film is out) and he said he'd sort of heard the name but didn't quite know who he was.
  4. Sadly if the TT itself does not survive more than a couple of years or so then all these riders will be forgotten about in 20 or 30 years time, except by the grandparents and great-grandparents who are around at the time. The great car racing names live on because they are not associated with just a single race track.
  5. Well they pulled White City down and are now successfully achieving similar in the new City.
  6. They are a menace everywhere I have seen them. Pedestrians on pavements, motorists, cyclists on roads and pavements, people of all ages, blind people, deaf people, dog walkers, pram pushers, playing children, they are all vulnerable from e-scooters.
  7. Have you ever been near a cruise terminal in first world countries that are on the cruising ship circuit? If not you'll never understand what I mean by the sort of high spending tourists I am referring to, and instead will fondly imagine they are all like those you have invented in your post. I think you imagine that all travellers who have money are hooray Henries, but you are wrong, and sadly nothing will improve.
  8. Yes when they are not pursuing their sports and are in town spending their money in the shops or restaurants, then these higher net worth visitors will be the sort to polish their shoes and take a pride in their appearance. These are people we need to attract into the local economy.
  9. We've just had an election and a chance to change things but nobody actually cared enough to put themselves forward. They've just carried on moaning and posting on social media.
  10. People who are prepared to spend money on their appearance will polish and clean their footwear. These are people we need to attract as visitors.
  11. Alternatively it will be "so successful and popular" that it will be instated permanently.....
  12. Don't forget there's still a man being held in Iran like those two were. She'll be very careful not to sound triumphant or to criticise or upset the Iranians in any way as this could jeopardise his much hoped for release. If it were my loved one being held I'd want all concerned to be as nice about the Iranians as possible, albeit through clenched teeth. And yes, criticising the UK government would gain Iran's approval and, again, increase the chances of the other hostage's release.
  13. How are you getting on with the floods there? By all accounts they have been severe and the disruption on-going.
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