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  1. Have your say: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FVJCNZN
  2. My kid is one who is home today and they’ve been set a full day’s work. So at least that’s covered.
  3. I had a little Google. from the NASUWT site: https://www.nasuwt.org.uk/advice/conditions-of-service/teachers-working-hours/directed-time-england.html 1265 hours a year are allocated by the school. There is indeed an “any additional reasonable hours as necessary “ clause that’s in most salaried contracts in most sectors. Interestingly, there is a specific paragraph stating teachers aren’t supposed to be asked to work at lunchtime - it’s not part of their hours. Which means that if it’s been happening in these schools then the department has been getting away with this for years, and then blaming the teachers when they say no.
  4. That’s because you don’t have to rely on the will-they-won’t-they connection to a UK airport.
  5. Yes, it’s a terrible thing, the Church of England allowing divorcees into the Royal Family.
  6. Maybe the government should employ a proper number of dinner and support staff instead of cutting their numbers each year.
  7. Did you do it during the minute’s silence?
  8. I saw a motorbike on it in TT week, avoiding the queue of traffic on the bridge when the races were on. Quite clever really. It’s not like there were any cyclists to collide with.
  9. It’s going to be like Christmas Eve in Marksies on Sunday.
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