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  1. This sounds like fun. Is there a link?
  2. It’s actually quite hard to see if anyone is turning right from town to QB road if you’re heading into town from Peel. I do that route daily. You do need to slow down. So the ones bombing through aren’t even checking their right. It’s the same in the opposite direction, it’s hard to see if anyone is turning right from Peel towards Spring Valley. Nobody should be bombing through there either.
  3. To be fair it’s not just public services that do this.
  4. Whiskey

    Legco 2021

    They are the two worst subjects. No wonder he wants out.
  5. I didn’t. Better off on the other thread.
  6. Fast Action Response Team? They should definitely call it that.
  7. Head teachers - a very different breed.
  8. The text reminder for recycling collection seems to have stopped. I’ve had to rely on checking my neighbours’ boxes again.
  9. Alf Cannan talks posh? Since when?
  10. Yes, JPW is Val Kissack’s daughter.
  11. That’s a great result for Douglas East.
  12. Speaking of doubles, I think those cocktails served on Gef have hit the spot.
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