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    It’ll always be Andrew Scarffe’s to me.
  2. There’s another thread for that stuff.
  3. That might explain all those people on the Tower of Refuge yesterday.
  4. Whiskey

    Firm closing

    The tuna mayo always carries a risk of sweetcorn. It’s best left alone unless you have made it yourself.
  5. Whiskey

    MGP 2023

    Why haven’t they taken their stuff with them?
  6. Why didn’t they run it by us all first?
  7. I thought the Manxman was late leaving on Friday morning because the Ben was in the way. Maybe they should sell it to make room.
  8. Well it seemed fine the other day when I was on it. I managed to get on and off it so I’m assuming it berthed ok!
  9. I don’t follow. Which sailing has been cancelled?
  10. The Manxman sailed today, were they due an evening sailing?
  11. I can’t imagine why the IOM has a reputation as 85000 alcoholics clinging to a rock.
  12. Can you really not rein it in for a couple of hours?
  13. How to show you’ve never read it, etc…
  14. It’s a 30 minute stay at the Terrace. Where are you shopping there that takes longer? Also I hope they were booking the ones who park all over the corners right next to the junctions because they are too lazy to drive round for a space.
  15. Whiskey

    Firm closing

    I liked the Bath & Bottle.
  16. That’s some reach.
  17. Good luck to them. There was an awful lot of events on this weekend, there’s only so many of us to go round.
  18. I have a hybrid and it’s brakes and tyres that usually need doing, not much else.
  19. And as I am a fan of actual information, now I’ve read it I shall link it https://bhs.sch.im/site/uploads/blog/209/_media/20220517_c3367e61/Issue_1.pdf It might be one of the most inoffensive pages I have ever read. It’s also a bit naive but it is written by teenagers. When I was a kid we were saving the environment. That went well. 😁
  20. No mouse on a phone. However, as you well know I read the article and found this: “Ballakermeen High School, one of five schools for pupils aged 11 to 16 on the Isle of Man, published an “LGBTQ+ newsletter” on its website, which was backed by two teachers.” so where on the BHS website is this newsletter? I’ve been looking and not found it yet. Edit: found it! It is over a year old. Great news gathering Telegraph. It’s as if someone is muckraking and feeding them…
  21. Where on the website? I’m having trouble finding it. I’m currently leaning towards “More bollocks from the Telegraph” but I’d love to read it if someone has a copy.
  22. Flightradar. Dublin has just come in. Looks like Belfast is about to.
  23. Oh look, Daily Mail talking bollocks again: https://schoolsweek.co.uk/gender-row-school-none-of-our-pupils-identify-as-a-cat/
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