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  1. I don’t remember there being a code on the leaflet. Which is why I hedged my bets and put both out. They collected neither.
  2. I got a leaflet (of the “Coming soon!” variety) but it didn’t have dates of which bin would be collected when. So we put both bins out and neither got collected. When I rang the office they couldn’t tell me either. So not even the Corpy staff knew. Yep, superbly publicised.
  3. But he replies to emails, so he’s a great MHK.
  4. I recycle more garden waste than I used to, in that I put loads in the green bin, whereas I used to compost it all in my garden. I’m saving it up for the spring now. I’m sure the council would count that as a win.
  5. It would never be allowed. The Government would get all snitty about the use of the brand, then requisition more of Noble’s Park to set up its own.
  6. If they’d just called it Voirrey’s or something they might have gotten away with it!
  7. You wouldn’t want to use it, knowing what went on in there over the years.
  8. I suppose people stuck at the airport might prefer a different view?
  9. A group sound bath, no less. The mind boggles.
  10. I had forgotten all about this nonsense and was trying to remember why The Pinewood had its own thread 😂 I did extra work too, it was good pay if you’re just on temping wages. Food was good too.
  11. So they’ve never noticed that loads of places already do lots of sporting events each year, and in a shock move, are not interested in giving all the credit to the Government.
  12. I’ve seen it. My thought process usually goes “Ooh that’s bright. I’d best not look at it because I’m supposed to be concentrating on the road”.
  13. I think he’s away. Maybe wait till his return, he’s probably got better things to do.
  14. Whiskey

    TT 2022 ??

    I thought you meant this year’s schedule. I think I’m confusing it with the shit show of the MGP.
  15. Whiskey

    TT 2022 ??

    It was the first one back since covid though? People would have still been on their 2020 bookings. I can’t see the accommodation people changing those for them.
  16. Whiskey

    TT 2022 ??

    How was the temporary scoreboard this year?
  17. The kids in my house say that school toilets are being locked because of vandalism. They do get told which ones are open though, they don’t lock them all at the same time.
  18. Conspiracy nut thread is thataway —->
  19. There are very few fat primary kids. Maybe the problem lies elsewhere.
  20. So everyone’s skint and being warned to not put the heating on, extra cash being handed out so we don’t freeze to death, businesses closing all over the shop and the government’s reaction is to propose multi million piles of unnecessary shite like this? Jesus Chris.
  21. I got a leaflet. It said they were collecting both bins for a bit, then would go to alternate collections at the end of September. (This didn’t actually happen.) No actual dates on the leaflet. Piss poor.
  22. It’s landing in five minutes, I think it made it ok!
  23. Whiskey


    You can’t apply through jobtrain though, so maybe it’s just a helpful advert that might get picked up in the UK.
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