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  1. Have you ever washed like a normal human Pongo?
  2. You must have really mastered that washing your ass over a sink with a bar of hotel soap and a hot flannel thing. I’m not sure many people are that mean these days. For a few pounds extra you can travel like a human being.
  3. No he goes to work for all the cleaning contracts with Douglas rate paying businesses his role as mayor secured him.
  4. Her PAC disclosures are protected by legal privilege, any of their rebuttals outside of a PAC hearing leave them open to legal action.
  5. Non disclosure agreement being framed.
  6. It’s nice that Mr Josem has now given a name and a logo to his public nervous breakdown.
  7. Clearly a man accustomed to traveling with an excess amount of concealed skid marks. I can’t imagine a more unhygienic way to travel all to save about £20. Maybe that’s where ‘Pongo’ comes from?
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